How Big Are Medium Sized Dogs?


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If you want to adopt a new dog, there is a chance that you may be conflicted between a big dog or a small dog, am I right? This decision can be tough to make for some. So, why not make it easier on yourself and consider a medium size dog instead?

medium sized dogs

These dogs are some of the most popular breeds to adopt in the country, and it’s easy to see why. For instance, they are the perfect size for those who want to get a dog that is not too big to handle or feed. They are also a good pick if you do not want a dog that is too small and delicate for kids to play around with.

Medium Sized Dogs - Drinking Water

How Big Are Medium Sized Dogs?

Small dogs will often weigh about 20lbs or less, and large dogs will weigh anything over 60lbs. Medium sized dogs will span between those two different dog sizes, which is a wide range to choose from.

The best way to categorize them is to do so based on three main distinguishable groups of medium sized dogs:

#1. Small to Medium size dogs:

These are dogs that are borderline small to medium such as Corgis or French Bulldogs.

#2. Medium Sized Dog Breeds:

These are dogs that fall within the perfect medium size range like beagles and border collies.

#3. Medium-large dog breeds

These are pooches that are medium/large like standard poodles and Siberian huskies.

Benefits of Adopting Medium Sized Dogs

While the temperaments and personality traits of medium-sized dogs will usually vary depending on the breed, there are still several benefits that they all share in common.

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For one, medium dogs are often sturdier and can handle more physical activities than smaller dogs.

A good case example would be if you are someone who enjoys physical exercise and training.

You will find that a Chihuahua will find it way more difficult to keep up with you than a Husky, for example.

Another notable benefit is that they don’t need as much room, easier to transport, and don’t consume as much food as larger-sized dogs.

This keeps both you and your wallet in good shape, which is why many families opt to adopt these pooches often.

French Bulldog - Best Medium Sized Dogs - Medium Dog Breeds

How To Choose A Medium Sized Dog?

When it comes to picking out the right dog, it goes beyond just settling on one size. After all, this is just the first step. There are several follow-up considerations you have to keep in mind. Some of which include; temperament, grooming needs, feeding habits, which will help you determine if they will be a good fit for you and your family.

In such cases, you can try to put together a list of dog breeds that interest you and take your time to do thorough research on each of them. For instance, some medium sized dogs also happen to be hypoallergenic. This makes them a perfect fit for those who live with allergy sufferers.

medium dog breeds best medium sized dogs ; best medium size dogs ; small to medium sized dogs

The Best Medium Sized Dogs

medium dog breeds best medium sized dogs ; best medium size dogs ; small to medium sized dogs

In the market for a new furry friend? Here is a list of pooches that are on the small to medium sized dogs.


Pug - Small Dog Breeds - medium dog breeds best medium sized dogs ; best medium size dogs ; small to medium sized dogs

A happy and playful dog, the Pug is one of those friends who will always be at your side no matter what! These dogs tend to lean towards being lazy creatures, but they still love going out for walks from time to time. They also make great apartment pets as they don’t need a whole lot of space to roam around in.

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Small Sized Dog

Great for apartment living, this medium sized dog breed is known to be the working dogs because they are very persistent, playful and always up for any challenge you throw at them!

Beagles love having company around them, which makes them great family dogs. They are also easy to train thanks to their intelligence.

Border Collie


This popular medium size dog breed is known for its lovable personality and beautiful appearance. They are lively dogs that will always offer you their undying loyalty in return for your companionship.

This is the perfect pooch if you prefer a more active lifestyle! Make sure to give these dogs plenty of daily exercise though.

Shiba Inu


A very intelligent pooch that is easy to train, the Shiba Inu loves being around its owners and tends to be quite active indoors.

While they are not considered to be an entirely hypoallergenic breed, many people who live with allergy sufferers have reported having no issue tolerating this medium sized dog breed.

Border Terrier

Great for active individuals, the Border Terrier is a compact sized dog that loves to go on walks or just spend time playing around indoors.

While they are known to be independent pooches who sometimes have difficulty following orders, they are still extremely lively and love chasing after things!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Small Sized Dog

A talented herder with an alert personality, this medium-sized pooch can be easily trained if you teach them what is expected of them from an early age. They are great family dogs as they tend to be very playful, yet fiercely protective over their humans too. A perfect combination if you ask us!

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French Bulldog

Small Sized Dog

Smart and clownish in nature, French Bulldogs are great dogs for families. They are also quite active indoors and love lounging around in their owner’s bed all day! It is important to keep them in good shape though, so be sure to give these pups plenty of exercise.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Toy Dogs

Known to be a gentle and loyal pooch, this medium-sized dog breed loves being around their own humans. They are also extremely intelligent creatures who have a knack for learning things fast.

If you have small children at home who prefer to cuddle more than anything else, then this is the perfect medium sized dog breed for your family!


Pomeranian - Smallest Dog Breeds

A very intelligent pooch that loves getting dressed up, the Pomeranian will warm your heart with their lovable and adorable personality.

A little fragile around heavy-handed children and elderly people, this breed is best paired with adults with a gentler nature!

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