The Best Medium Sized Dogs For Kids

If you have kids, it's a tough decision which dog breed is right for them. I mean how do we pick? Small dog breeds are generally not recommended because they're delicate and can knock over our little ones--but then there's the issue with big dogs who might unintentionally hurt someone too! Well you may want to look into medium sized dogs. They are not too big nor too small but just the right size to keep everyone happy and safe.

The Best Medium Sized Dogs For Kids Dogsized

How To Pick The Right Medium Sized Dogs For Your Family?

It's important to know which medium breeds are compatible with kids. Here are some factors you should consider before adopting one:

Head Shape And Size

The head is considered the most sensitive part of a dog because that's where all their senses converge; sight, sound, touch and smell. Dogs with medium sized heads can do well around children since they are less likely to be injured on the head. Large and flat-faced breeds, however, should be avoided by kids as they can easily hurt these dogs.

The Best Medium Sized Dogs For Kids Dogsized

Behavior And Energy Level

To make sure that a medium dog breed is a good fit for your family, you have to first look into their personality.

If you want a more laid back pooch, consider those from herding or hound groups because those dogs are generally very calm and easy going.

On the other hand, active dog breeds will need plenty of exercise to keep them satisfied. It's also important to know if they get along well with children since some breeds do not like being touched or being around little ones - which can easily lead to accidents!

Exercise and Potty Time

Medium sized dogs need daily exercise for at least 30 minutes.

Find out How Much Exercise Do Small Medium and Large Dog Breeds Need.

Also bear in mind that dogs need time for potty breaks every couple of hours -- but it's best to take them outside right after eating or drinking.

Be aware that some breeds are known to be picky when it comes to going out--like Siberian Huskies and some terriers. So if your kid wants a medium sized dog who loves to play, then you might want to consider a breed that doesn't need lots of potty breaks throughout the day.

Here Are The Best Medium Dog Breeds For Kids:

The following are medium sized dogs that are known to be great with kids. They are all friendly, intelligent and easy to train.

1. Golden Retriever

A family favorite! This medium breed is great for almost any type of household--whether it's an apartment or a house full of kids who like roughhousing and games. Goldens love people and will quickly become attached to your whole family--and you can't help but fall in love with them too! They're also very good at keeping themselves entertained (it's said they can play fetch by themselves) so they'll need less potty breaks than most dogs if taken out right after eating or drinking.

The Best Medium Sized Dogs For Kids Dogsized

Your kids may want to play ball every single minute of the day but goldens can handle it. They are not known for being barkers either so your kids will be kept safe. Golden retrievers need daily exercise (about 30 minutes) and while they love to swim, don't forget that dogs like to get dirty too--especially if there's a pond or river nearby!

What To Consider:

The golden retriever has a slender build which means he's prone to injury--which is why it's very important to keep him away from stairs and other slippery surfaces.

These medium sized pups also shed during season changes so expect hair tumbleweeds on your hardwood flooring!

2. Beagle

This medium dog breed is not only an intelligent family companion but a great hunting dog too. Beagles were originally from England where they used to sniff out rabbits in the fields--which is why this breed has a very keen sense of smell and love adventure. The beagle loves being outdoors so he can roam around freely without much supervision. It's best to keep him on a leash when walking around the neighborhood though because he also likes to explore easily accessible spots that you don't want him going near!

The Best Medium Sized Dogs For Kids Dogsized

What To Consider:

Beagles need lots of exercise every single day (about 30 minutes) but it doesn't take long for them to tire out -- which makes them a great choice for an active family with young kids who like getting fresh air every now and then! They are also happy-go-lucky which means they don't mind giving the kids a little bit of rough play.

They're also an obedient breed and can be trained to stay away from off limits areas and refrain from jumping up on people--however, there's no harm in teaching your kids how to treat animals with respect too.

3. Labrador Retriever

This medium sized breed is not only the most popular dog in the world but also one of the most intelligent ones as well! That's why labrador retrievers make excellent family pets. They are very friendly, patient and love playing games with their human companions (the more you play with them, the happier they'll be). This breed gets along great with children--even those who are overly rambunctious.

The Best Medium Sized Dogs For Kids Dogsized

What To Consider:

Labrador retrievers need daily exercise--about 30 minutes of running and playing.

Their gorgeous coats also need regular brushing because this breed sheds a lot and will shed even more during seasonal changes.

4. Australian Shepherd

This medium dog is versatile, intelligent and very athletic! It has a natural instinct for herding so if you've got lots of kids running around your home, he'll be chasing them all about the place (and you might be tempted to join in the fun). These dogs are happiest when they have people around them but can become lonely or destructive if left alone for too long. They're also very good dogs for city dwellers because they have a natural alertness that makes them attentive to their surroundings.

The Best Medium Sized Dogs For Kids Dogsized

What To Consider:

Australian shepherds are energetic and need daily exercise (about 30 minutes) in the form of jogging, playing ball or hiking around your neighborhood! You can also try getting him involved in some dog sports--something he might really enjoy doing too! Long walks may not be enough when you want to tire out this breed so think about giving him a job unlike most dogs who learn how to do several tricks on their own.

They shed a lot during seasonal changes but they don't require much maintenance.

5. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are not only great family companions but they can also be trained to help people with disabilities. They're playful but calm too--so they get along just fine with younger children and older ones alike.

The Best Medium Sized Dogs For Kids Dogsized

What To Consider:

If you want a medium sized dog that doesn't shed at all, the cocker spaniel is your best bet! However, this breed does require daily grooming because of its long coat which also requires trimming every two years or so to keep it from turning into a mop.

They're very active dogs who need about 30 minutes of exercise every single day in the form of jogging or playing fetch.

Tips for Introducing Children To Your New Medium Sized Dogs

  • Teach your child how to gently pet animals, not just dogs.
  • Have the child offer the dog a treat and then let them slowly pet him on his back, side or underneath his chin. Always praise your dog for being good!
The Best Medium Sized Dogs For Kids Dogsized
  • Teach kids to show dominance over the dog by incorporating training into this process too. For example, have children sit down with their backs straight while you hold your pup's leash--just make sure he doesn't try to jump up on anyone in order to teach him self control.
  • Have your children speak to the dog in a high pitch voice and reward him with praise and a treat for listening!
  • Introduce medium sized dogs to small children by rubbing his belly or giving him a treat so he'll learn that they're friendly.

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