What Are The Smallest Dog Breeds In The World?

The best things in life come in small packages, which also applies to dog sizes. Here are the most adorable smallest dog breeds in the world!

They are adorable, cuddly, suit any home or apartment, and they make the best companions for kids too! So, if you find yourself trying to decide which dog to adopt, we’ve got a few ideas on which ones should be at the top of your list.

What Are The Smallest Dog Breeds In The World?


What Are The Smallest Dog Breeds In The World? Dogsized

The Chihuahua is well-recognized as the smallest dog in the world as they often come in between 15 - 23 cm tall. They also don’t usually weigh much more than 3kg. In terms of personality, they are known to be very loyal and in some cases, overprotective. This is why they don’t often get along well with other dogs or strangers. Aside from that, they do make for excellent family pets!

Yorkshire Terrier

What Are The Smallest Dog Breeds In The World? Dogsized

The Yorkshire Terrier is another small dog that comes at about 15 to 23 cm on average and weighs around 3kg. Yorkies are also highly intelligent and affectionate by nature. As such, they tend to require a lot of attention, which often makes them a good pick for those looking for a pet to dote on.

They are also not very submissive by nature and have a tendency to be overprotective, which is why they also make great watchdogs. But, what makes them so popular is the fact that they are hypoallergenic. They have long, silk coats that don’t shed much, but they often require regular brushing.


What Are The Smallest Dog Breeds In The World? Dogsized

With a max height of 30cm, this little pooch doesn’t weigh more than 4kg. Their fluffy coats often come in various colors, ranging from red, orange, cream, white, or even mixed coats. They are also intelligent and responsive when it comes to training. This means they make for great companions and even good watchdogs too. Routine exercise is also a good idea to keep them occupied and in shape, as they can often be over-active and playful. 


What Are The Smallest Dog Breeds In The World? Dogsized

The Maltese are another popular hypoallergenic dog breed known for their long silky white coats that don’t shed. They only grow up to 30cm and usually weigh about 4kg on average. In terms of character traits, they are gentle, easy-going, responsive, and well-tempered little dogs that do well to adapt to wherever they end up. This is also why they are a popular choice for many pet parents who live in urban areas. You should also know that they can be fickle eaters and are sometimes tough to housebreak too.


What Are The Smallest Dog Breeds In The World? Dogsized

The Papillon dog breed is famous for its long, fringed, butterfly-shaped ears, hence the name. Energetic, friendly, self-assured, and highly intelligent, they can be trained to do almost anything. This is also why they work well with people who enjoy going outdoors, as they tend to respond to physical activity and lots of mental stimulation. They are also only about 30cm in height and often weigh about 4.5kgs, which accurately places them in this category of the smallest of the small.

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