The Ultimate Dog Size Guide: From the Smallest Dog Breeds to Big Dogs

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Hunting for a new furry friend? Or are you curious about which dog size you should select? There are many dog sizes and breeds to choose from - from the smallest dog breeds, toy dog breeds, medium sized dogs, big dog breeds! Due to evolution and human meddling, it’s difficult to remember that the tiny Pomeranian and the great Newfoundland share the same ancestor.

How exactly are dog sizes categorized?

How Much Exercise Do Small Medium a... x

Now, all kinds of dog breeds differ entirely from each other in qualities such as color, behavior, and, most of all, size and weight.

The sizes and weights between dogs contrast so much that the tiniest dog recorded was a chihuahua called Miracle Milly, who only weighed about one pound, while the heaviest dog, is an English Mastiff named Aicama Zorba, weighing 343 pounds! This shocking difference shows how wide the range of dog sizes is.

Small to Medium Sized Dogs - big Dogs -Big Dog Breeds - Large Dog Breeds

Whether we have a large furry friend or a tiny fluff ball, we love our dogs all the same and appreciate everything that makes them unique.

But to determine the size of our loyal friend and figure out what category he lies in can help us in several things like in deciding their food, medicine, and health. So, how exactly are dog sizes classified?

What is the metric to determine the size of your dog?

There isn’t a universal metric that everyone follows, but the weight of your dog plays a significant role in determining the size of your dog, and we can tell which category he falls into.

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Now time to dive into ‘The Ultimate Dog Size Guide’!

Small Sized Dogs

Dameranian - Small Hybrid Dogs - small sized dogs - small dog breeds - small dogs

Although they have short stature, small-sized dogs are full of personality! Small dogs are popular among people living in small spaces. Each breed has a unique characteristic that makes it a perfect fit for you and your family.

Small dog breeds come in three different subsections: small, toy, and teacup.

The smallest dog breeds weigh about 20-25 lbs. They are perfect companions for people living in an apartment.

Small sized dogs - small dog breeds - Beagle
Small sized dogs - small dog breeds - Corgi
Small sized dogs - small dog breeds - Dachshund
Small sized dogs - small dog breeds - French Bulldog
French Bulldog

Toy Dog Breeds

Toy dog breeds weigh 5 to 12 pounds. Toy dogs shed less, eat less, and are lightweight making them easy to pick up and move around with.

Our favorite toy dog breeds:

Toy dog breeds - Havanese
Toy dog breeds - Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier
Toy dog breeds - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Toy dog breeds - Brussels Griffon
Brussels Griffon

Smallest Dog Breeds Toy Dog Breeds ; medium dog breeds ; medium sized dog breeds ; small to medium sized dogs ; large dog breeds ; big dog breeds ; big dogs ; dog sizes

smallest dog breeds

Teacup Dogs

Teacup dogs weigh under 5 pounds. These are the type of dogs that stay small, they look like puppies forever! But as cute as they are, they require much care and attention because these dogs can have several health issues and are fragile and can easily die from a fall. This is why most vets and responsible breeders would tell you to avoid teacup breeds.

Teacup Dogs - Small Sized Dogs

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Smallest Dog Breeds Toy Dog Breeds ; medium dog breeds ; medium sized dog breeds ; small to medium sized dogs ; large dog breeds ; big dog breeds ; big dogs ; dog sizes

smallest dog breeds

Medium Sized Dogs

Determining the exact beginning weight and ending weight of the medium dogs isn’t set in stone because many people have differing thoughts.

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Medium Dog Breed - Shetland Sheepdog

Some say that medium-sized dogs should be categorized as small dogs, and other people who have slightly bigger versions of medium-sized dogs debate that they should be classified with larger dogs.

Therefore, to categorize them, we see the dogs that do not come in the range of small dogs and neither in the large dog category; they are put in the medium-sized dog category.

Medium sized dogs weigh from 23 to 59 pounds. Some of the most common medium dog breeds include:

Medium sized dogs - medium dog breeds - Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherd
Medium sized dogs - medium dog breeds - Basset Hound
Basset Hound
Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Small Dogs That Are Medium Sized Dogs
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

smallest dog breeds

Big Dog Breeds

Big Dogs That Don't Shed - Labradoodle

These large fluff pillows can take up all of your couch space and make excellent cuddle buddies. Large dogs are pretty big but quite gentle and easy to train. They weigh anywhere between 60 to 90 lbs. These loving puppers include

Large Dog Breeds - Big Dog Breeds - Big Dogs - Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan Malamute
Large Dog Breeds - Big Dog Breeds - Big Dogs - Boxer
Large Dog Breeds - Big Dog Breeds - Big Dogs - Bloodhound
Large Dog Breeds - Big Dog Breeds - Big Dogs - Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever

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Smallest Dog Breeds

Extra Large or “Giant” Dogs

Big Dog Breeds - Great Dane - Big Dogs - Large Dog Breeds

Weighing more than 100 lbs, giant dogs can be categorized with big dog breeds, but some gentle giants leave an impression on you due to their enormous build and size.

These huge furries include Newfoundland, the Great Dane, the English Mastiff, and Saint Bernard.

Giant - Large Dog Breeds - Big Dog Breeds - Big Dogs - English Mastiff
English Mastiff
Giant - Large Dog Breeds - Big Dog Breeds - Big Dogs - Great Dane
Great Dane
Giant - Large Dog Breeds - Big Dog Breeds - Big Dogs - Newfoundland
Giant - Large Dog Breeds - Big Dog Breeds - Big Dogs - Saint Bernard
Saint Bernard


How to Measure Dog For Clothes?

Just like with human clothes, a dog's sizing chart differs depending on the brand. It's actually a bit confusing because small, medium or large clothing sizes don't always match up to your dog's size category or breed.

Ultimate Dog Size Guide

When buying clothes for your dog, we wouldn't recommend choosing clothes size based on breed or weight because this may not account for variables specific to your dog.

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So how do you measure your dog to make sure you don't get their clothes size wrong?

Your dog's chest girth and length are the most important measurements you need to take before buying clothes for your dog.

A fabric or cloth measuring tape will give you the most accurate measurements. But if you don't have one handy, you may use a yarn or string and measure it against a ruler.

Chest girth is the widest part of the chest measured starting behind the front legs and around the body.

If your pup has a large girth, we recommend going up a size so you won't end up getting clothes that are too tight for your dog. To measure your pup's body length, start at the base of its neck to the base of the tail.

How to Measure Dog Paws For Boots?

For dog boots, you need to measure the width of your dog's paw and refer to individual sizing charts and guides in product descriptions.

As a rule of thumb, the width of the paw should be smaller than the boot size. For example, if your dog's paw width is 1.5 inches, order 1.8 inches boot.

Here's a 5-step guide on how to determine what size shoe your dog is.

  1. Place a sheet of paper on a firm and flat surface.
  2. Put your dog’s front paw on the paper
  3. Lift your dog’s opposite paw so that weight is placed firmly onto the paw being measured
  4. Mark both sides of the weighted paw at its widest point on the sheet of paper
  5. Measure the distance between both marks and compare it to the boot sizes listed in the sizing guide

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