What Size Crate Do I Need For a 70 Lb Dog?

Ever felt that others around you are too busy? In today’s world, where concepts like ‘Compassion’ and ‘Empathy’ may be unknown to many, people prefer getting a dog rather than finding a new human friend. This is because dogs are less demanding than humans but more fun company as you spend time with them. Recently, there has been an increase in dogs’ overall air travel as many people choose their pet dogs as the ideal travel companion. For this reason, there are many dog crate sizes available in the market. 

What Dog Crate Sizes are Ideal for a 70 lb dog?

What Size Crate Do I Need For a 70 Lb Dog? Dogsized

Research suggests that a dog that weighs 40 – 70 lbs will need a 36-inch length crate classified as a large-sized dog crate. While many dog crates are available in the market, it is highly recommended to measure your dog before buying a crate. Your dog’s crate size is a crucial aspect that a dog owner must handle with care and due attention. 


Dog Crates for Every Size Dogs

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What Size Crate Do I Need For a 70 Lb Dog? DogsizedWhat Size Crate Do I Need For a 70 Lb Dog? Dogsized
What Size Crate Do I Need For a 70 Lb Dog? DogsizedWhat Size Crate Do I Need For a 70 Lb Dog? Dogsized
What Size Crate Do I Need For a 70 Lb Dog? DogsizedWhat Size Crate Do I Need For a 70 Lb Dog? Dogsized

How to Decide What Dog Crate Size to Buy?

When deciding upon the right crate for your dog, you may want to look over a few important elements:

Nature of Your Dog

If your dog is rowdy or has the habit of escaping, then you might want to get a compact design with much strength to hold your dog within. Many dogs have the habit of getting hyper and damaging their crates in attempting to get out of it.

Compatibility with other furniture  

You must see where you will be placing the dog crate in the house and if there is adequate space for it or not. You will have to decide on a crate that fits well with the other furniture in that room or else things may seem out of proportion. 


If you live in a place with a mostly hot climate, then it is better to get a crate one size bigger with much ventilation to keep your dog safe and in a pleasant mood while inside the crate. 

Space your Dog Needs

To comfortably travel with your dog in his crate, you will have to get a crate that has enough space for your dog not to feel confined. Feeling confined may provoke their anxiety and result in an unpleasant mood. 

Problems with Wrong Dog Crate Sizes

If the dog crate size is too big:

  • Dogs can make one corner of their bathroom
  • Inefficient for travelling 
  • Exhausting to carry around 
  • Instability during travel can lead to injury

If the dog crate size is small:

  • It may not fit your dog
  • Dog’s frustration level may increase
  • Increased anxiety of your pet
  • A dog may refuse to get in

Final Thoughts…

Getting the right dog crate size is of immense importance for a dog owner and your furry friend as well. This is because it plays quite an important role in keeping your dog comfortable or else things can get more tiring and inconvenient for you. 

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