Largest Bones for Dogs We’ve Ever Seen


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Does your dog chew bones or raw hides in seconds? Well, we discovered the largest bones for dogs that we’ve ever seen! They’re Bison Femur Bones and we’re positive it would take quite a while, possibly weeks or months for your dog to get through these.

Tasmans Largest Bones for Dogs

Look for Bison meaty bones that are sourced and made in the USA from free range American Bison, raised without added hormones or antibiotics. Tasman Natural Pet Brands offers a variety of bison bone types: knuckle, achilles, saddle, femur, foreshank, center cut and paddle bison bones. They come in various sizes to satisfy the extra large to small dog.

Tasmans Largest Bones for Dogs

The background story on Tasman’s Natural Pet Brands is quite interesting. It’s a family owned company based in Louisville, Kentucky founded by Mr. Goodman Tasman in 1947. Their main line of business is actually raw cattle hides for the leather industry and leather production for worldwide brands and manufacturers of footwear, handbags, furniture, accessories and just about anything you can think of made from leather.

In 2006 they began to work with bison hides to be cured and processed for sale to the leather industry. In 2007, they came up with the idea of making the best rawhide chew treats for dogs. Not only do they sell bison bones, but they also have a full line of treats and rawhide chews, including rawhide chews made from elk.

What’s the Dog Bone Process?

“We take possession of the raw bison hides immediately after harvesting at USDA or State Inspected facilities in the U.S., and maintain custody of the hides until they become the best rawhide chews available today.

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Unlike most rawhide chews, ours are made with only bison hides and we know EXACTLY where they came from and when they were harvested.

Many other rawhide chew companies would be hard pressed to tell you exactly where the hides the come from to make their chews. Also, unlike most, if not all, rawhide chew companies that rely on the second layer of the skin, we often use the entire Bison Hide including the top (full grain) layer in our chews. We then work with a sheltered workshop here in the Louisville area to do our packaging and casing.”

“At Tasman’s Natural Pet Brands, we are committed to bringing you only the highest quality pet treats and leather products second to none in quality, reliability and beauty.”

Dog bones are a great way to give your dog something to chew on while also providing them with an outlet for their natural instinct. Dog bones come in all shapes and sizes, from small dental treats to large, durable bones that can withstand even the most aggressive chewer.

The variety of dog bones available makes it easy to find something for every dog and budget. Even if you just in a search for terms like – dog bones Amazon – you might be surprised at how many new products pop up. You’ll get a huge dog bone selection to choose from.

Make sure you pay attention to getting the right size bone for your dog. For large dog breeds, there are huge dog bones that would likely provide a challenge for your pup’s jaws.

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Whether you’re looking for something to keep your dog entertained or just a great chew toy, with a little research you can find the perfect dog bone for your pup! With so many options available, you can find the best dog bone to meet your dog’s needs without causing a health hazard. From small dental treats to large dog bones, there is something for every pooch!


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