Big Dogs That Don’t Shed


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Have you made up your mind to adopt a new dog but are looking for big dogs that don’t shed? If you are determined to welcome a new furry friend into your family but struggling to find a breed that doesn’t cause allergies or leave fur everywhere, then look no further than big dogs that don’t shed.

Big Dogs That Don’t Shed

However, if you’re feeling indecisive about what kind of dog to bring home, don’t worry- you’re not alone. With so many breeds to choose from, it can be overwhelming. But with a little research and careful consideration, you can find the perfect pup for your lifestyle and needs.

If you’re still feeling undecided on what kind of dog , it’s safe to say that you are probably not the only one out there with more questions than answers. But, if there is one that is clear, it’s that what you need is a non-shedding dog and in our opinion, you should be looking at some big dog breeds.


It’s simple. Adopting big dogs can be a fantastic way to bring a ton of love and energy into any household. It doesn’t matter if you live alone or have a family; they are undoubtedly a blessing to anyone lucky enough to experience them.

Plus, if you are planning to adopt one from a dog shelter, then you should keep in mind that most of the canines there tend to be medium to large-sized dogs.

As such, it would be a good thing if you were to choose one of these big guys and girls and give them a good home.

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And while there is no doubt that they are a ton of responsibility, they also have the biggest hearts that make them worthwhile. But, even if you do decide to pick out a big dog, you still have to consider the shedding and allergy problem.

After all, with their large sizes often comes a lot of hair loss in return. But there is a solution. You can always get yourself some hypoallergenic breeds. And while no dog is completely allergy-free, these pooches can help minimize the risk of unwanted reactions.

Here are our Top 3 Most Popular Big Dogs that Don’t Shed

Big Dog Sizes That Don't Shed - Standard Poodle

1. Standard Poodle

The ‘Standard Poodle’ is one of the most popularly known hypoallergenic dogs in the world and also happens to be the tallest of their kind, as they come larger in size than the Miniature or Toy Poodle. And while they may not be the biggest breed on this list, they are some of the most athletic, excitable, and intelligent pooches, you could ever hope to adopt. They also come with rather curly coats that don’t really shed much, making them excellent allergy-proof pets. But, this means that they require a good amount of grooming to prevent the risk of matting.

Big Dog Sizes That Don't Shed - Giant Schnauzer

2. Giant Schnauzer

If you have heard of the Miniature Schnauzer, then you can think of this breed as simply the bigger version. As expected, Schnauzers don’t shed much and this one’s wiry coat is no exception, which makes them one of the best hypoallergenic dogs out there. But, do keep in mind that you will still have to groom their coats each week and clip their fur regularly.

In terms of personality, they are just as playful and eager as their smaller compatriots, which means they enjoy spending lots of time outdoors and also need loads of exercise. But they are also extremely loyal and protective of their parents, which makes them excellent family dogs.

Big Dog Sizes That Don't Shed - Labradoodle

3. Labradoodle / Goldendoodle

The Labradoodle is essentially a pure-bred mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, while the Goldendoodle is a mix between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. And while retrievers are some of the most favored pets, the combination with the poodle breed ensures that you have a pet that won’t shed much, but also comes with all the positive traits you expect to see in retrievers.

This means they will not only be hypoallergenic, but naturally easy-going, very intelligent, gentle, and affectionate in personality. In fact, it is for this reason that they are an extremely popular choice for pet parents that have kids at home with allergies.


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