The Pug In Your Life – Charming, Loving and Mischievous


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Meet the Pug, a small dog with a heart as large as its personality. Have you ever met a creature that can make you laugh, coo with adoration, and occasionally want to pull your hair out, all in a compact, squishy-faced package?

the Pug

With their wrinkle-filled faces, affectionate demeanor, and naughty yet endearing antics, Pugs are sure to charm their way into your heart while keeping you on your toes!

The Pug: A Charming Mischief Maker

The Pug is a bundle of love and sociability, a trait that makes them popular among families. They are patient and playful around children and are often seeking attention from their owners. Their strong will does not translate into aggression; they desire to be noticed and loved.

We just think the Pug is so darn cute! We can’t resist the Pug’s wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curled tail.

Pug Origin and Background

Originating from China and being one of the oldest known dogs breeds that date back to a time before 400 BC, the Pug carries with it a rich history.

These small canines were once companions to Buddhist monks and even lived in luxury as pets of Chinese emperors. Their unmistakable charm has truly stood the test of time.

Pug Body Type and Physical Attributes

Compact, square, and muscular, the Pug stands at about 10 to 14 inches tall and weighs between 14 and 18 pounds. Their most defining features are their round head, large, sparkling eyes, and “button” ears.

The Pug’s coat, fine, smooth, and short, comes in colors like fawn, apricot, silver, and black. Regular cleaning is needed for their characteristic wrinkles to prevent infections.

Pug Health and Life Expectancy

With a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, the Pug generally enjoys a good life span for a dog its size. However, their short snouts make them prone to certain health conditions, such as brachycephalic syndrome, leading to breathing difficulties.

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Other potential health issues include hip dysplasia, obesity, and skin infections. Regular vet check-ups, a balanced diet, and sufficient exercise are essential for their health.

Training a Pug

While they may be stubborn and sensitive, Pugs respond well to training that includes encouragement, praise, and the occasional treat. Despite their reputation for laziness, these dogs enjoy mental stimulation and activities that help keep them fit.

Why Pugs Are So Well Liked

In conclusion, the Pug is an adaptable, lovable, and versatile breed that fits well into various types of households, whether a bustling city apartment or a serene country home.

Their loyalty and good-natured temperament, combined with their sociable nature, make them a wonderful, albeit mischievous, companion.

Inside Pug Scoop From One Dog Owner

To get the inside scoop on the Pug, we asked one of our Dogsized fans, Kim, to tell us about her very cute two pugs:

How did Jaxon and Olivia the pug come to join your family?

A while back, I reconnected with an old high school friend, Kevin, who is now my best friend. Kevin had a pug named Harley – he was the most amazing pug ever! I fell in love with the breed because of Harley. Sadly, we lost Harley a few years ago on New Years day.

My friend Kevin finally decided he wanted to get another pug, so I started searching for the perfect one.

There was one breeder I ended up talking with for months. I got to know her and her pugs…and kept a tag on Jaxon, a sweet adorable black pug puppy.

We were all excited about Jaxon and everyone wanted input on his name, so officially he is Oliver Cole Biscuit Jaxon. He is sweet, loving, silly and aka Jaxon the Pug TOY DESTROYER.

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At the time, I had been contemplating getting my own pug, but I just was not sure. I honestly did not think I would have a dog again, let alone a puppy.

After picking up Jaxon and meeting the breeder, I found out she had a fawn pug that was going to have puppies soon. After seeing the photos, I was in love! I got the little runt fawn girl Olivia Annabelle. Olivia is spunky, sassy and a total Diva aka Olivia the PUG QUEEN.


Jaxon and Olivia are the best of friends just like their parents are the best of friends. We are just two peas in a pod (or would that be 2 pods and 4 peas?). They are always together encouraging each other into mischief.

Do they have a favorite treat?

There favorite treat is doggie ice cream and anything chicken. Yes they will do anything for a treat.

Jaxon is the treat thief as if a bag is left out it will be gone or if there is a treat in your pocket he is an adept pickpocket… you’ve been forewarned.

What are some things that Jaxon & Olivia love to do?


Jaxon thinks all toys should be destroyed and works hard to destroy them. It has taken a lot of research to find toys that last more than a day with him.

Olivia is the Queen and thinks she rules the roost, including Jaxon.

She has been known to let him know she wants a drink by closing the kennel door on him (they have a huge water bottle that hangs on the communal kennel in the living room for water, as they think water bowls are fun to play in not drink from) to get him to move and let her have a drink.

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Jaxon thinks it is fun to torment her by stealing toys or chews she thinks she has hidden. We buy two of most everything to keep them from fighting, but Jaxon thinks its funny to get her chew and lay on it while he chews his.

pug westminster dog show

They are always up for a game of Pug Wrestling. When it is time for a nap. Olivia’s favorite place is literally on top of Jaxon. They can always be found cuddling each other and great each other in the morning with kisses.

They both love to give kisses and get belly rubs. Even though sometimes they can drive you crazy, I could not imagine life without them!

In fact, Kim started a blog for them: Pug Squared.

We were surprised to learn that the Pug is one of the oldest breeds of dog – it has flourished since before 400 BC. In 1885, the Pug was officially recognized by the AKC and is part of the AKC toy group.

The Pug has a fine, glossy fur coat that most often comes in fawn or black. It has a compact square body with well-developed muscles.

Of course, the Pug is loved by celebrities, but our favorite has to be Frank the Pug from the Men in Black movies.

Here’s Jessica Alba with her Pugs named Sid and Nancy. Gerard Butler is often out on the town with his Pug named Lolita.

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