Isaac Mizrahi Dog Fashions: High-Quality Clothing for Your Four-Legged Friend!

Isaac Mizrahi dog fashions offer a wide range of products, such as dog sweaters, coats, collars, leashes, and accessories, all designed to keep your furry friend both fashionable and comfortable.

Isaac Mizrahi Dog

We love both dogs and fashion, so you can imagine how happy we were to stumble across the Isaac Mizrahi collection for dogs.

The collection includes dog apparel, beds, toys, and poop bag holders (which we especially like).

Isaac Mizrahi Floral Dot Nesting Bed, Blue

Overall the collection appears to cater more to female pooches. Check out the Isaac Mizrahi collection for dogs, which we’ve added as a new brand to our shop.

Isaac Mizrahi Soft Black & White Checkered Plaid Poop Bag Holder

To top it off, Isaac Mizrahi was on a day time talk show and had a little fashion show for dogs in Halloween costumes.

The funniest one was a bulldog dressed up as Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs – so priceless! If we can find a photo of it, we’ll post it here!

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2 thoughts on “Isaac Mizrahi Dog Fashions: High-Quality Clothing for Your Four-Legged Friend!”

  1. I an trying to find it also? Otto the bulldog passed this past Saturday.
    I have been looking for the video. He was our baby.
    Today 4/5/17, would have been his 14th birthday.
    Will keep trying to find footage. Glad you thought he looked cute. Was not first choice
    Of costume, but hey, what do ya do. He did not talk to me for
    few days after that. Lol. Be well. -Cory


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