Best Medium-Sized Dogs - Part 2

Are you struggling to figure out what the best medium-sized dogs are? With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to pick favorites. Lucky for you, you don’t have to make that choice, because we did it for you! Any one of these would make for the perfect pets, and with the various dog sizes and breeds listed here, you will be one step closer to bringing that special pooch home!

#1. Basset Hound 

Best Medium-Sized Dogs - Part 2 Dogsized

The Basset Hound is a laid back, gentle, and highly sociable dog that makes for the perfect household companion, especially if you have kids. They also happen to be very loyal by nature but can be a bit stubborn and overly curious sometimes, so try to keep them on a leash when going out for walks.

#2. Collie 

Best Medium-Sized Dogs - Part 2 Dogsized

The Border Collie is famous for being one of the most over-active dogs out there. They are also very agile and obedient, which makes them easy to train and good guard dogs. But, because they are so quick on the uptake, they get bored quickly. This means you have to find ways to keep them entertained.

#3. Golden Retriever

Best Medium-Sized Dogs - Part 2 Dogsized

The Golden Retriever is one of the most intelligent, loyal, playful, and easy-going pets out there. This explains why many regard them to be the perfect dog medium size dog. The only thing you will need to watch out for is their shedding habits, as you will need to perform regular grooming to keep their hair out of your furniture and clothes.

#4. Corgi

Best Medium-Sized Dogs - Part 2 Dogsized

If you’re looking for a medium-sized dog on the shorter and more adorable end of the spectrum, there’s no better choice than the Corgi. These little pooches are overly friendly and playful too, as they come packed with tons of stamina. This making them the perfect companions for those who like spending time outdoors.

#5. Dalmatian

Best Medium-Sized Dogs - Part 2 Dogsized

If you are a Disney fan, then the Dalmatian should be no stranger to you. To say that these dogs are visually stunning would be an understatement. They are also very trainable, athletic, intelligent, reliable, and very loyal to their parents. This also explains why they are a fireman’s best friend.

#6. Siberian Husky

Best Medium-Sized Dogs - Part 2 Dogsized

Often seen as the most attractive dog breed out there, the Siberian Husky stands out above all others because of their wolfish looks and bright-colored eyes. They are also known to be intelligent, sociable, and good-natured dogs with a strong sense of independence about them. This is why they need an experienced and diligent pet parent to keep them from suddenly running off.

#7. Bulldog

Best Medium-Sized Dogs - Part 2 Dogsized

The Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds in the country for their even tempers, docile nature, and friendly personalities. They also don’t need much grooming either. They do require consistent exercise to keep them happy and fit. So, make sure to take them out for plenty of walks when you can.

#8. Beagle

Best Medium-Sized Dogs - Part 2 Dogsized

If you’re looking for a playful and chipper dog to bring home to the kids, you need not look any further than a Beagle. They are the ideal family pets and build bonds with kids due to their gentle and even-tempered personalities. As long as they get enough playtime and attention, there’s no better companion to have as a kid or adult.

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