Keep Your Pooch Active With Treat Dispensing Dog Toys


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Do you often think about how your dog is doing at home while you are out working? Many pet parents often find themselves worried that their pooches may end up bored and restless without them. A dog treat dispenser toy may be a good option and we’re taking a look at what dog owners need to know about treat dispensing dog toys.

treat dispensing dog toys

Luckily, a simple solution to this problem is to use a dog treat dispenser! And contrary to the name, these dog treat dispenser toys aren’t just for food.

Putting aside the fact that they hide treats, they are also one of the best ways to keep your canine busy. They are especially indispensable for pet parents that happen to have rather overactive pets.

Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

In fact, most dog trainers and experts actually recommend these toys because of the positive mental benefits that they provide to dogs.

For instance, they are very useful in teaching your dog the art of patience by slowly releasing their food while they play. This is an important quality for them to learn as some of them can end up eating all their food in one sitting.

This, in turn, can be a bad thing, especially if you aren’t back home from work yet.

So, we decided to quickly break down our top 3 dog treat dispenser toys that are absolutely guaranteed to keep your pooch engrossed for hours and hours.

Top Dog Treat Dispenser Toys

1. KONG Classic Dog Toy

The KONG Classic Dog Toy is our favorite on this list and for very good reason. This classic rubber toy is widely regarded as the top dog of dog toys, making it out to be an essential accessory for most pet parents.

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It is very versatile by design and also acts as an extremely fun bouncing toy that can also accommodate your pooch’s favorite treats inside it. 

Also, these rubber toys are strong enough to withstand even the toughest of jaws, making it a perfect choice if you happen to have a rather aggressive chewer on your hands.

Plus, as an added bonus, they are available in a variety of sizes making them suitable for different dog sizes.

2. StarMark Bob-a-Lot

If you want to give your pooch a bit of a small mental challenge, then the StarMark is a handy little interactive treat dispenser that is perfect for you.

It comes made of a lightweight rubber material with a non-slip base and a weighted bottom. This in turn helps keep the toy in place, while slowly releasing bits of kibble, as your pooch plays with it. 

But, its best feature is that it comes with some adjustable openings at the top and bottom that allow you to fine-tune the dispenser’s difficulty level.

This forces your pooch to think carefully before eating, thus stimulating their mental prowess each time. The only downside is that it is best suited for smaller breeds, as it could be broken apart by big dogs’ huge paws.

3. Trixie Pet Products Flip Board

The Trixie Flip Board is an excellent choice for those extra intelligent and savvy pups that need a bit more of a challenge, but have a bad habit of munching on their food too fast.

This dispenser features a number of utility slots and covers to improve your pet’s problem-solving skills.

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Whenever they open a compartment, they are provided with a yummy treat, and the wide variety of unique slots allow you to switch things up each time to make it more difficult for them.

This makes it extremely useful in dog training. Plus, if you have an overactive pooch and need something to keep them preoccupied for long periods, then this is a great choice.

But, do keep in mind that it will only work if your dog has a calm personality. After all, it is designed to be a challenge. So, if they have a tendency to act out, they might just decide to flip the whole thing over out of frustration!


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