Short Haired Dogs You'll Fall In Love With

You love dogs but aren’t really fond of all the shedding and hours of grooming? 

Short Haired Dogs You'll Fall In Love With Dogsized

Maybe a short haired dog is more suitable for you. They have a thin short coat of hair that requires less grooming and are pretty low-maintenance. Though that does not mean that they don't require regular brushing and weekly baths. Every dog requires a bit of upkeep to keep them clean and happy.

Here are some of the best short haired dog breeds


Also known as the barkless dog and famous for their curled tails, the small short haired dog Basenjis were discovered in Africa. They are strongly built and have a thin coating of hair on their body. They are quite energetic and love to play around to get their energy out, making them great dogs for big families with kids.


Friendly, active, and known for being an escape artist, the Beagle is a small short haired dog and will fit right in if you have more than one pet. They were bred as pack dogs so, Beagles are really easy-going dogs that get along with everybody. They have a water-resistant short-haired coat that doesn’t require a lot of grooming; just a little weekly brushing and bathing once in a while will keep them looking their best.

American Foxhound

Bred to run fast and hunt, the American Foxhound is a good-natured and friendly dog that is ideal for you if you have a large yard for them to run in and wear their energy out. They are pretty patient dogs that get along famously with children and other pets, making them ideal family dogs. They also sometimes have a stubborn streak, but they benefit quite a lot from the training.


Originating from Europe, the dalmatians have a short black and white spotted coat that doesn’t require much grooming, just a weekly brush down, and your Dalmatians will have a clean, shiny coat all the time. Dalmatians are known for being carriage dogs in the past that went along the horse carriages and kept them calm. They are very active and require a lot of exercises, making them perfect for families with energetic kids who would love to tire them out. 

Great Dane

Known as a gentle giant, the Great Dane is from the large dogs’ group. They come in different colors but always have a pretty shiny coat. Weekly brushing down will keep its short-haired coat glossy. 

Irrelevant of their size, Great Danes have quite a patient and laid-back personality. They don’t require much exercise and prefer lying in the house with their sweet and affectionate nature, cuddling you all day. One of the drawbacks of having a sweet-natured Great Dane is that they have a shorter life span than most dogs.

We hope that learning about short-haired dogs will give you a new perspective on having pets without worrying about a lot of shedding and grooming. Pick one of these short haired flurry buddies and have a long-time loyal friend that will never leave your side!

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