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If you were to walk barefoot outside all day long, wouldn’t your feet hurt? Well, that’s a dog’s daily life and why dog paw balm may be necessary to keep your dog safe.

And while that doesn’t mean that they are always in pain, it does mean that the risk of injury is much greater than many pet parents realize.

Sometimes, your pooch’s paw pads might end up sore, cracked, or even seriously blistered after moving around so much on pavements, concrete, and even gravel.

Even if your pet doesn’t seem to be in pain, it is important that you have a plan to help them cope, and the best way to do that is by using dog paw balm.

Dog Paw Balm

How You Can Tell If Your Pet Is In Pain

Dog paw pads are essentially made to withstand almost any type of hard surface. After all, they are meant to be a coping mechanism.

On the other hand, as we mentioned, that doesn’t mean they are completely immune from injury. In such cases, putting on some dog boots would be useful in keeping their tiny little feet protected.

The problem with that is not all dogs are open to wearing shoes.

Even if your pooch is fine with it, you may not always find the right size to fit big dogs huge paws, anyway. If you suspect that your pet is in pain, it is important that you look out for symptoms such as:

  • Limping
  • Constant paw licking or biting
  • Paw pad cracks, blisters or extreme redness
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How Does Dog Palm Work?

Dog paw balm is just as effective as dog boots in that they essentially create a barrier between your canine’s paws and the ground.

This acts as a good preventative measure that protects them from the risk of injury, regardless of the surface area.

In fact, they are especially useful when coping with extreme weather conditions. For instance, when it is too cold out that can often lead to dry and cracked paw pads.

If it is snowing out, there is also a risk of their paw pads catching frostbite as the snow gets lodged between their little toes.

There could also be a lot of toxic deicing chemicals that are spread around like antifreeze, which could end up damaging their skin as well.

This also applies to extreme hot weather conditions as well.

If your pooch ends up stepping outside in the hot humid summer, it’s likely that they would end up with blisters and burns from stepping on hot asphalt, sand and pavements.

Luckily, dog paw balm covers and seals off their paw pads from any damage by creating a semi-permeable barrier and acting as an insulator.

This means that their paws will now be able to withstand both cold and hot conditions! It also keeps their paws safe from any toxic chemicals that they may end up stepping on, along the way.

As a bonus, they can also help soothe and restore any sore or damaged paw pads. This is because some of the best paw balm products will normally contain healing and moisturizing ingredients too!

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