When Should My Dog Wear Winter Dog Coats?

Pet owners and guardians want nothing but the best for their canine companions.  The best food, the best toys, the best daycare, and the best clothing.  I’m not just talking about a handmade sweater for Fido to wear in the family Christmas photo that matches everyone else’s.  There are many different kinds of animal attire that we can give to our four-legged friends.  Some, like dog coats for winter, are very useful to have at home during the chillier months.  But not all dogs are the same, so when should you buy dog coats for winter? 


Here are some things to take a look at to help you decide.


1. Necessity

There is no denying that dog coats, from dog coats for winter to rain jackets, are adorable.  But not every precious pup actually needs a winter coat.  In fact, most already have their own!  Smaller dogs and dogs with shorter fur both have a harder time retaining body heat than their bigger and furrier counterparts, and will appreciate that extra layer while they play in the snow.  Bigger and furrier ones, on the other hand, can get uncomfortable or even overheat in a coat.

Here are the top winter dog coat options to choose from:

2. Temperature

Generally speaking if there’s snow outside, it’s cold.  That’s a given.  And while humans should always stay a little covered, since we have significantly less body hair than dogs, the presence of snow doesn’t mean that dog coats are necessary.  Even smaller, short haired dogs can safely prance in piles of fluff when the weather is above a certain temperature.  The exact temperature that a dog can endure will vary by breed.  But once it’s freezing or below you should definitely bundle them up though, and be sure not to leave them out for too long.

3. Length of Time

Your dog may be one of the breeds that needs dog coats for winter, but depending on how long your puppy pal is outside they might not need to wear it every time.  If your dog is only outside for a bathroom break then dog coats aren’t necessary.  A walk around the block or some serious snowy playtime?  Definitely bundle them up for that.

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4. Age and Health

Puppies or older dogs of any breed aren’t as adept at regulating their body temperature, which can be an issue in summer just as much as it can be winter.  Winter weather conditions are also tough for dogs with heart disease, hormonal imbalances (Cushing’s disease, etc), kidney disease, and diabetes.  Generally speaking it’s a good idea to double check with your vet to find out what kinds of toys, accessories, food, or clothes can be helpful and harmful to dogs who have a chronic health concern.


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