What Does A Dog DNA Test Tell You About Your Dog?

Most of us tend to be naturally curious about our heritage, medical predispositions, and family trees, but what about our pets? With so many pups being adopted from rescue centers, many new pet parents have also become curious to find out more about their dogs.

It is also for this reason that dog DNA testing is now becoming the new popular trend on social media. And with so many dog testing kits being made available these days, finding out more about your pooch has never been easier. 

But, not everyone is fully clued to what these dog DNA test kits can do and what they offer. So, we’re going to quickly break down five main things that these tests can teach you about your canine today!

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Best Dog DNA Test Kits

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What Does A Dog DNA Test Tell You About Your Dog? DogsizedWhat Does A Dog DNA Test Tell You About Your Dog? Dogsized
Wisdom Panel™ Essential
  • Test for 350+ breeds
  • Trace your dog’s ancestry
  • Screen for 25+ medical complications
  • 35+ trait tests

What Does A Dog DNA Test Tell You About Your Dog? DogsizedWhat Does A Dog DNA Test Tell You About Your Dog? Dogsized
Embark Breed Identification Kit
  • Test for 350+ breeds
  • Trace your dog’s ancestry down to 5%
  • Health screening (at an extra cost)
  • 20+ Trait Tests

What Does A Dog DNA Test Tell You About Your Dog? DogsizedWhat Does A Dog DNA Test Tell You About Your Dog? Dogsized
Embark Breed Identification & Health Screening Kit
  • Test for 350+ breeds
  • Trace your dog’s ancestry down to 5%
  • Health screening (at an extra cost)
  • 20+ Trait Tests

#1: Breed, Heritage & Personality Traits

Many pet parents are usually super excited to find out what type of dog breeds make up their new pets. And DNA testing kits will produce results that indicate what breeds your dog is put together from, using an index library that spans over 200 unique dog breeds.

Also, with each breed that your pet returns, the testing results will provide extra information on them, such as; personalities, appearance, fun facts, etc. Plus, you will be able to find out more about the history of your furry companion's lineage, from their parents, grandparents, even great grandparents!

#2: Health Concerns

Those of you who may be interested to find out more about what health conditions that your doggo may fall victim to are bound to find these testing kits extremely helpful. This is because the best dog DNA test will allow you to fully screen your pooch for a wide variety of possible genetic diseases that they may be at risk of carrying, depending on their specific breed mix. For example, it is well-known that Golden Retrievers are often at risk of developing Muscular Dystrophy in their later years.

In other words, by testing your dog early, you will be in a position to detect such life-threatening conditions, even before they manifest! So, you can be proactive and take action with your vet to help reduce the chances of such conditions becoming a serious health risk. You will also be able to identify any common symptoms early on, should they start manifesting. In fact, you can even find out if your pet has any adverse reactions to any drugs and prescriptions!

3: Nutritional Diet

Another important reason why you should carry out a DNA test on your dog is that it can provide you with valuable information on your pooch’s weight and nutritional diet. Depending on what test kit you use, the test results may also come with a recommendation on what your pet’s ideal weight should be. 

Since dogs come in different sizes, eg; small sized dogs, medium size dogs, and large sized dogs, how much food they need to consume will tend to vary. But, with the use of a test kit, the results received can help you gauge how much food you should be giving them each day and also what type of nutritional foods you should feed them to help improve their digestion. 

This also makes it easier for both you and your vet to prescribe the right supplements for your dog, if it turns out that they have a health problem that is affecting their weight, coats, skin, etc.

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