Are Dog DNA Tests Accurate?


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Have you wondered why certain dogs look more like a wolf or a fox? Or why do they behave a certain way? Or perhaps you thought why some dogs prefer to hang out in dark places while others go ape-crazy at the sight of a squirrel? These are normal questions to ask and go to the heart of the question; Are Dog DNA Tests Accurate?

If you’re among the millions of pet lovers who own a dog, then it’s likely that you’ve wondered what breed your beloved pet is.

Pet owners are now increasingly buying dog DNA testing kits to understand the origins of their medium size dogs, small hybrid dogs or large breed dogs. And why not? It’s always good to know what your furry friend’s origins are.

But the question is: how accurate are these dog DNA test kits? We find out just that by comparing these three dog DNA test kits.

Why Test Your Dog’s DNA?

While DNA testing for us humans has certainly been very popular over the years, it’s now possible to check the genetic traits of our furry friends, whether they be from the large breeds dogs, medium size dogs or small hybrid dogs family.

It’s always interesting to know what breeds your dog descends from or, for example, where in the world its ancestors evolved. 

In fact, DNA test kits for dogs can even help you understand how your dog might behave or the diseases it might potentially face due to its underlying genetics.

Comparison: Top 3 Dog DNA Testing Kits

To help dog owners better understand their pets, we handpicked three dog DNA testing kits:

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Wisdom Panel Essential

✓    Test for 350+ breeds
✓    Trace your dog’s ancestry
✓    Screen for 25+ medical complications
✓    35+ trait tests

Wisdom Panel offers the world’s leading dog DNA testing service, allowing you to test your dog’s breed mix down to 1% accuracy by testing against more than 350 breeds and varieties – be it for medium size dogs, large breed dogs or small hybrid dogs.

It also happens to be the highest-rated Dog DNA test currently available on Amazon. 

Additionally, Wisdom Panel helps you understand what medications and medical procedures are safe for your pet by screening him/her against 25+ medical complications.

You can also uncover their ancestry, traits and have key health insights. Simply swab your dog’s cheek and send the sample away!

Embark – For Breed Identifications and Canine Genetic Health

✓   Test for 350+ breeds
✓   Trace your dog’s ancestry down to 5%
✓   Screen for 190+ health conditions
✓   20+ Trait Tests

The breed identification element of this dog DNA testing kit screens for more than 350 dog breeds, types and varieties through a research-grade genotyping platform that’s considered the most accurate breed breakdown on the market today. 

The health screen element tests for over 190 genetic diseases to help keep your dog happier, healthier and live longer.

Find out who your dog’s close and distant relatives are with one of the highest rated breed + health DNA test for medium size dogs, small hybrid dogs and large breed dogs alike. 

Embark – Solely for Breed Identification

✓   Test for 350+ breeds
✓   Trace your dog’s ancestry down to 5%
✓   20+ Trait Tests

Discover your dog’s true breed by having it screened against 350+ breeds, types and varieties through the same research-grade genotyping platform developed with the help of a leading US university. 

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Embark can detect breed contributions down to 5% of the total breed makeup if you have a mixed dog breed.

This makes it more than twice as accurate as other DNA test kits, which can only detect breed contributions down to 12%. 

A simple cheek swab is all it takes, with results available online within 2-4 weeks.  

Closing Thoughts

So how much do dog DNA test kits actually tell you about your pet? Well, a lot, as it turns out – once you use the above test kits which are easily available online.

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