Worst Dog Breeds For Families With Kids


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If you are considering adopting a dog to bring home to the kids but are unsure which breeds can be considered safe, keep reading to learn about the worst dog breeds for families with kids.

Rottweiler - Big Dogs

As much as we love dogs and their company, some breeds do not mix well with children. It could be due to several factors like personality traits, dog sizes, aggression, and more.

What is clear is that these pooches are the ones to watch out for the most and should not meet your kids.

#1. Chihuahua


If you want to adopt some of the smallest dog breeds, you can not go much smaller than the chihuahua! The problem is they are nervous by nature, so they tend to lose their composure quite often. They also don’t get along well with every person in the home and can start nipping if they get irritated. This makes them a bad choice for kids.

#2. Shar-Pei

Shar Pei

The Shar-Pei is a rather stubborn dog that is adorable in appearance but is a tough breed to house train as they tend to refuse to listen to commands, even from expert dog trainers!

This can complicate things in the home, especially if you already have a house full of overactive kids.

#3. Rottweiler

Rottweiler - Popular Dog Breeds

If you are a fan of big dogs, then the Rottweiler will probably make for quite the tempting choice, but let this be the warning you need to avoid making that mistake.

They make for excellent guard dogs, but this same level of protection is what makes them so dangerous to have around kids. There is a much higher risk of accidents happening, especially if the Rottweiler has not been well-trained.

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#4. Akita


Akitas are medium-sized dogs that have a bad reputation for being extremely hard to train, which means it’s tough to get them under control.

And while they are loyal by nature, they are not the most sociable of dogs, either. They get agitated when around people they are not familiar with, which means they may not take kindly to strangers, like other kids.

#5. Malamute


This is one of the fluffiest and cutest dog breeds in the world, but unfortunately, that cute factor comes with a huge price tag attached.

They are also huge shedders, so if you have kids, there is a risk that they can end up picking up allergies.

#6. Husky

Siberian Husky

Huskies are possibly the most attractive and wild-looking dogs on the planet. They are also extremely friendly, smart, and playful by nature.

The only problem is that their intelligence also means they tend to think for themselves. This often leads to a complete lack of interest for kids or guarding them, for that matter. Not to mention, they shed a lot too!

#7. Bullmastiffs


Bullmastiffs are massively spectacular dogs, but since they are so big, that’s a red flag when it comes to little kids.

They are also big droolers, which can be messy to deal with. They also tend to be aggressive with strangers too.

#8. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are hyperactive and playful by nature. Plus, they also make for fantastic guard dogs.

The problem with that is they are natural herders, so they can sometimes be a little too overprotective. This may not be a problem for older kids, but it can be an issue for the little ones.

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#9. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu carries with them an independent personality, which means they may not always be in the mood to play around. This makes them great companions for adults, but not kids, as they can get easily irritated or aggressive.

#10. Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russel Terrier - Medium Dogs

Jack Russell Terriers are natural-born watchdogs and have a strong personality to boot. The result of which requires consistent training to keep in check, and this is what makes them very unsuitable for kids.

They tend to be territorial and can snap easily, especially when meeting strangers. Older kids may not have any issues dealing with them, but little kids can often irritate them.

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