What is the Most Accurate Dog DNA Test Kit?

Why Do I Need To DNA Test My Dog?

The whole point of testing your pet’s DNA, while a little different from humans, still serves the same purpose. You do it to find out more about your pooch’s ancestry and dog heritage. In most cases, the main reason it’s done is to pinpoint what dog breeds are inside/make up your pet.

This is something many pet parents are curious about and when you think about it, it is something all pet parents should be interested to learn more about. This is because the use of dog DNA tests allows you to find out whether or not, your furry friend has any genetic diseases or disorders that could be life-threatening. 

And the use of these tests can eliminate that possibility or at least, allow you to expose a disease before it becomes a full-blown disorder. In fact, it is for this reason that many pet parents often adopt mixed-breed pups, because they will often have fewer genetic problems, due to a lack of inbreeding. This then makes you wonder, even if I did want to test my dog, what is the best dog DNA test to use? 

Lucky for you, we’ve got just the answer!

What is the most accurate dog DNA testing kit?

If you are looking to get the most accurate information possible on your doggo, then the best choice for this would be the “Embark Breed & Health Kit”. 

The reason this kit is so highly rated is that it is specially made in collaboration with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. This makes it one of the most professional and accurate testing kits, you could ever hope to use, as it will run several in-depth genetic health tests on your canine’s DNA. 

It will then provide you with accurate details on the breeds that make up your pooch’s DNA that could be as low as 5%. Plus, it also comes with background information on their ancestors that could go as far back as their great-grandparents! 

Pretty cool, right?

Also, when it comes to using the kit, it couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is to take a cheek swab from your pet and mail it to Embark. They will conduct all the necessary tests and present the result within two to four weeks. And while the wait may sound lengthy, Embark will keep you updated regularly on its status once received, then post the final results in your account on the Embark website. 

The report will also feature detailed results, that are made using easy-to-follow visuals and charts. In fact, some previous users actually reviewed that when their dog reports were completed and there was some alarming health information, a geneticist reached out personally to discuss the implications of those results! 

Talk about quality service, am I right? And with such information at your disposal, you can then choose to share this information with your vet and find out how best to proceed if any treatment is necessary.

Embark – For Breed Identifications and Canine Genetic Health

What is the Most Accurate Dog DNA Test Kit? DogsizedWhat is the Most Accurate Dog DNA Test Kit? Dogsized

✓   Test for 350+ breeds

✓   Trace your dog’s ancestry down to 5%

✓   Screen for 190+ health conditions

✓   20+ Trait Tests

The breed identification element of this dog DNA testing kit screens for more than 350 dog breeds, types and varieties through a research-grade genotyping platform that’s considered the most accurate breed breakdown on the market today. 

The health screen element tests for over 190 genetic diseases to help keep your dog happier, healthier and live longer. Find out who your dog’s close and distant relatives are with one of the highest rated breed + health DNA test for medium size dogs, small hybrid dogs and large breed dogs alike. 

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