More Contests and Giveaways Winners!

Kloee and Courtney
Winners Kloee Courtney

Winners: Congratulations to Andrea Donnelly and her dogs Kloee and Courtney from Minnesota for winning the Animal Planet – Butterfly Dog Costume!

Winner Cason

Winners: Congratulations to Odean Cusack and her dog Cason Casanova Caboodle from Pennsylvania for winning the Pup-A-Razzi – The Pope Dog Costume!

Winner Lexi

Winners: Congratulations to Pat Beltz and her dog Lexi from New Jersey for winning the Pup-A-Razzi – The Elvis Dog Costume!

Winner - Rocky!
Winner Rocky

Winners: Congratulations to Christopher Cama and his dog Rocky from New York for winning the Dogsized Survey Responders! They are taking home a Dexas Popware Klip Scoop and Suction Lid.

Sadie Bear
Winner Sadie Bear

Winners: Congratulations to Yvonne RoQue and her dog Sadie Bear from Texas for winning the Tough Dog Toys – Invincibles Blue Gekco!

Winner Butters

Winners: Congratulations to Kris Anderson and her dog Butters from Florida for winning the Tough Dog Toys – Aussie Naturals IndestructaBALL!

Winner Mumford

Winners: Congratulations to Lisa Davis and her dog Mumford from Colorado for winning the Cloud7 Dog Travel Bed!

Winner - Griffin
Winner Griffin

Winners: Congratulations to Laura Ari and her dog Griffin from New Jersey for winning the fun, fuschia, Crypton Doodle Dog Pillow!

Winners: Congratulations to the FIVE winners of the Merrick Chunky Can Recipes giveaway!

Winner - Jake
Winner Jake

Scott Gould and his dog Jake from Washington DC.

Winner - Trooper
Winner Trooper

Heather Chilcote and her dog Trooper from California.

Winner - TJ
Winner TJ

Carl Jenkins and his dog TJ from Virginia.

Winners - Cooper and Freckles
Winners Cooper and Freckles

Rita Singleton and her dogs Freckles, Cooper and Cane from Reno, Nevada.

Winners Chai Latte Scooby Diva Coffee Bean Bleu Sparky Frosty Lilly Kuma Kyeba

Karen Sanabria and her 10 dogs: Chai Latte, Scooby, Diva, Coffee Bean, Bleu, Sparky, Frosty, Lilly, Kuma and Kyeba from New York.

Caramel - Winner!
Caramel Winner

Winners: Congratulations to Suzy Luime and her dog Caramel, a Lhasa Apso, from New Jersey for winning the Popware Collapsible Dog Bowl Stand & GrippMat!

Zero Shock Leash
Zero Shock Leash

Winners: Peggy Kirkland and her dog Bella from Oklahoma for winning the EzyDog Zero Shock Leash (48 inch)! We’re hoping she’ll be able to send us a photo of Bella soon!

gotham cool pet pad
Gotham – winner!

Winners: Congratulations to Sherry Hoover and her dog Gotham from New York for winning the Cool Pet Pad!

Terry Thundershirt
Terry winner

Winners: Congratulations to Colette Montez and her dog Terry from Washington state for winning the Thundershirt!

Cobie - winner!
Cobie winner

Winners: Congratulations to Beth Silvestri and her dog Cobie (a Maltese) from New Jersey for winning the SturdiBag!

Zoe - winner!
Zoe winner

Winners: Congratulations to Tracy Abram and her dog Zoe from Maryland for winning the Twigo Tag!

Zena – winner!
Zena winner

Winners: Congratulations to Debra Hall and her dog Zena from Ohio and Bev Benoit and her dog Lady from New York for winning the Bandana Bowls by Pawabunga!

Drago winner

Winners: Congratulations to Jennifer Dace and her dog Drago from Missouri for winning the Pet Head – Dog’s BFF Strawberry Yogurt Tangle Fix!

See More Winners:

Brutus winner

Winners: Congratulations to Kathy Shriver and her dog Brutus from Florida for winning the Pet Head – Poof! Yummy Orange Magical Deodorizing Spray!

Destiny winner

Winners: Congratulations to Cindy Wilkinson and her dog Destiny from Utah for winning the Dogsized Dog Photo contest with over 350 votes!

Here is Destiny with the prize: a H-Duo with companion cup from Popware for Pets.

Elle Mae
Elle Mae Winner

Winners: Congratulations to Bobbie Smith and her dog Elle Mae, a very cute Mini Pin for winning the Bark Genie by First Alert!

Lucky Dog Cuisine Winners
Winners Karma Cleo Autumn

Winners: Congratulations to Mallory Huff and her dogs Karma, Cleo & Autumn for winning the Lucky Dog Cuisine giveaway!

Winners: Congratulations to the four winners of the Earthbath giveaway!

Sierra - winner
Sierra winner

Michelle Cavanaugh and her dog Sierra from Arizona won the Earthbath Grooming Travel Wipes.

Sparky Earthbath Winner



Nat Stevens and their dog Sparky won the Earthbath Ear Wipes!

Sparky might even share them with their other 2 dogs Seven and Sweetie.

Molly - Earthbath winner
Molly winner

Jynx winner

Debbie Terry and her dog Molly from San Diego, CA won the Earthbath Facial Wipes!

Jennifer Buckner and her dog Jynx from Florida won the Earthbath Tooth & Gum Wipes!

Read more about these great Earthbath products.

Animal Planet winner toby
Animal Planet winner Toby

Winner: Congratulations to Val Lorton and her dog Toby for winning the Animal Planet Spring Basket Giveaway!

Calypso winner

Winner: Congratulations to Joanna Psonis and her dog Calypso for winning the Orostani Couture contest and their Rocker Barkley Vest!

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