Crypton Dog Bed: Is It Still The Best?


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Customers have complained that the Crypton dog bed is not as cozy as described, cushions pancake, or not warm enough. Why the Crypton dog bed is no longer a Dogsized Top Performer. Plus, our Top 4 recommended dog beds this year. Let’s dig in to find out how things evolved for this brand.

Crypton Dog Bed

It is no wonder why Crypton Dog Bed became hyped when they were first introduced in the market. After all, their maker, Crypton, offers one of the world’s most powerful performance upholstery fabric solutions.

Dog owners hailed its stain, moisture, odor, and bacteria-resistant features, but things have changed.

Recently, we received tips that Crypton Dog Beds aren’t as durable as fur parents hoped.

So we did a little digging and found out these top three reasons why former Crypton Dog Bed users moved away from this brand.

Some customers have complained that the bed has the following issues:

  1. Not as durable as advertised
  2. Not as comfortable as advertised
  3. Not as easy to clean as advertised

The bottom line is though Crypton Dog Beds used to be a great product, we now have enough reasons why we’re placing this designer dog bed in our “Former Top Performer” list.

Now, if you’re looking for the best dog bed that your dog would actually love, don’t worry because we’ve reviewed some other amazing dog bed options!

Taking both comfort and style into consideration, here are Dogsized Top Dog Bed Recommendations:

All products are linked for easy purchase.

Here are some things you should consider when selecting the best one for your pooch:

1) Make sure it is large enough. Measure the size of your dog (either length or height is fine). If you are still unsure, go one size bigger.

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A dog bed that is too small can cause issues for your furry friend’s hips or elbow joints.

2) Always check the material of the dog bed before purchasing it. If your dog has allergies to certain materials, make sure there are non-allergenic options available with your chosen brand.

Also, choose a waterproof base if possible. It will save you time and effort compared to having to clean up spills or accidents on a daily basis.

3) Find a mattress that is made of high-quality memory foam. This material provides excellent body support throughout the night – this way, arthritis and hip problems are prevented from occurring in older dogs and puppies who have not yet finished growing.

4) Check the overall construction of the dog bed. Is it well-constructed and double-stitched, or will it fall apart after a few months? Do you feel confident that your dog won’t chew through it easily?

5) Choose a color that is neither too dark nor too light. You should also make sure that there are no hints of green or blue which can be irritating to some dogs’ eyesight.

Bed covers are available if you want to change up the style once in a while without having to spend money on an entirely new bed.

Sofa Bed - Crypton Dog Bed Dog Bed ; Dog Beds; Big Dogs Big dog breeds Large Dog Breeds ; small to medium dog  breeds

You can also choose between orthopedic beds and traditional nests. Orthopedic varieties are suitable for growing pups or senior dogs.

They usually have raised surfaces that support the dog’s spine in a strong, straight position while they sleep. This prevents them from developing back problems when they get older.

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These types of beds also often include memory foam mattresses to further prevent strain on joints and bones during sleep time.

Traditional dog beds are ideal for young, active dogs who spend most of their day running around outside with their friends. They usually offer less support than an orthopedic mattress, but it is still better than sleeping on a hard floor all night long.


Futon Dog Beds For Medium Sized Dogs

Orthopedic Dog Beds – Best for Big Dogs

Orthopedic beds features a higher profile and are typically stuffed with memory foam. Orthopedic dog bed designs may come as a single-layer pad, double-layer pad, or an elevated bed.

They usually offer more comfort and support than other types of dog beds. They are the best options for big dogs.

Elevated Dog Beds – Medium and Large Dog Breeds

Elevated dog beds are raised off the ground and feature a solid surface for your furry friend to rest their head. The elevation helps prevent joint pain in older large dog breeds and offers a better vantage point when in the dog bed.

This type of bed also allows air to circulate underneath which can offer comfort during warm summer months.

Cave Dog Beds – Small to Medium Dog Breeds

Cave dog beds provide comfort and warmth, much like how a den would for wild animals. They make an excellent option for young puppies who aren’t yet house-trained, small to medium sized dogs or senior dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Nest Dog Beds

If you want something cozy that is warm and inviting, then look into purchasing a nest dog bed. These types of beds are flatter than traditional orthopedic dog beds.

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They provide less support for your furry friend, but they may be suitable for dogs that spend most of their day outside or playing around with other pets.

If you want extra seating space, look into futon-style dog beds. They offer an elevated surface (similar to elevated dog beds) and can be used like any other piece of furniture in the house. Some owners even prefer these over couches since their pet won’t try to climb on them as often!

Waterproof Dog Beds

Waterproof dog beds typically include thick materials which protect the foam mattress from accidents and spills. They are ideal for dogs that have accidents inside the home often or who simply need extra protection throughout the night.

Cooling Dog Bed

If you live in a warm climate, then look into getting a cooling dog bed. The technology included with these types of beds will regulate your dog‘s body temperature throughout the night without over-cooling them.

Cooling beds are an ideal way to keep your furry friend safe during the summer months!

Dog beds are considered to be the most important investment in terms of your dog’s comfort. A good bed with excellent sleeping options can ensure that your furry friend gets a good night’s sleep every day.

It is possible to find many different types of beds in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. We’re also keeping our eye on the William Wegman dog bed. Let us know if you have any experience.


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