What Are Dog Grooming Wipes?

Have you ever given your dog a bath, and then within just a few hours later, they’ve got themselves in a mess and are looking or smelling funky again? Because that happens on this side, like a lot!

And it can be so exhausting sometimes trying to figure out what to do if they end up getting themselves in some new mess, even before the next scheduled bath time. Plus, the problem with washing our dogs too often is that it can result in excessive drying out of their skin and coats, which is a no-no.

This raises the question, what are you supposed to do?!

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Well, the answer is quite simple, and if you hadn’t thought about it already, here’s a gentle reminder: get yourself some dog wipes! These convenient, easy-to-use and affordable little cleanup tools are the perfect solutions for those times that you need to clean your doggo but can’t give them a full bath.


Best Dog Wipes

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What Are Dog Wipes For?

Dog wipes can be used for pretty much anything you would typically use wipes on for yourself. They can be used to clean their eyes, wipe their tushy, wash their paws, etc. It’s also a travel must-have, so you can clean your dogs when you’re out of the house but aren’t in a position to give them a full bath yet.

Should You Just Buy Any Regular Pet Wipes?

No! This is because there is a difference between dog wipes and pet wipes. While it may be tempting to just walk into a pet store and grab whatever is available, keep in mind that there are different types of pet wipes on the market. Some are designed to better suit birds, some for cats, others for dogs, etc.

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And while most of these wipes are still safe for your doggo, that doesn’t mean they are best suited for the job in question. This is because the main difference lies in the formulation. Dog wipes are specifically designed for dogs. This means that they are more effective and less likely to cause irritation than if you used regular baby wipes.

These dog grooming tools have two main types: grooming wipes and antibacterial wipes. Antibacterial wipes are generally used to handle those big messes that are often uncomfortable and tedious to clean up. You know what I’m talking about, I won’t spell it out!

On the other hand, grooming wipes are more gentle. This makes them ideal for daily wiping and cleaning. For instance, if your pooch has muddy paws or food bits all over its snout.

Which Dog Wipes Should You Use?

It’s always best to buy both antiseptic and grooming wipes, just to be safe. Grooming wipes will help you quickly take care of household messes they get into. While antibacterial ones are best for wiping their tushies after they poo.

But, take care that you don’t end up overusing the antibacterial wipes! While they are formulated using ingredients that are generally safe for dogs, it’s best to only use them in those icky potty-related moments.

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