Are Dog Wipes Safe?

Have you ever thought about using dog wipes on your furry friend, but aren’t completely sure if they are safe to use on them? For years, I was aware of dog wipes, but I never took them seriously, because I wasn’t confident that they were useful let alone safe.

Then, I took my dog for a usual checkup a few months back and saw the vet using dog wipes. He convinced me that I should give them a shot and I must say, I have no idea why it took me so long to hop on this train, they are so convenient!


Best Dog Wipes

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Are Dog Wipes Safe? DogsizedAre Dog Wipes Safe? Dogsized
Are Dog Wipes Safe? DogsizedAre Dog Wipes Safe? Dogsized
Are Dog Wipes Safe? DogsizedAre Dog Wipes Safe? Dogsized

Why Dog Wipes Are So Helpful

First thing first, we should get this straight: dog wipes are not a hack out of giving your pooch a proper bath. That is a big misconception and the truth is they are just useful in giving your doggo quick cleanups.

You see, the fact is that over-bathing your pet is not a good thing. The more you keep bathing them, the more likely it is that they will end up with dry skin. This can then lead to a multitude of problems like irritation or hot spots. But, if you have dog wipes, you can conveniently get rid of any surface dirt like mud, removing bits of food off their snouts, wipe their paws, eyes, ears, etc.

In short, these handy little dog grooming tools are helpful when it comes to spot cleaning. They are especially useful when you are on a long trip and aren’t in a position to give them a proper bath. Or even when taking them out on walks and need to wipe off their paws before stepping back in the house.

They are also a great choice if you happen to be prone to allergic reactions from dog dander. And while periodical baths with a gentle shampoo will help combat this, daily use of dog wipes will help consistently remove any allergens that your dog may have brought in from outside. 

Thus, keeping you and your sneezing in check!

Are Dog Wipes Safe?

As with anything, you should always try to make sure that the dog wipes you have chosen are both fragrance-free and chemical-free. This is because, unlike humans, dogs are more susceptible to skin irritations and reactions. Also, considering the fact that dogs have a tendency to lick their fur, it is possible that they may end up ingesting these substances, which could cause some serious health problems over time. 

So, while most dog wipes are generally safe for everyday use, it’s always best to opt for those that do not contain any artificial ingredients. If you’re still uncertain, here are some main pointers to help you make a wise decision, next time you are out shopping.

  1. Read the Packaging Carefully: ensure that it does not have any harsh chemicals.
  2. Don’t Assume Anything Natural Is Safe: There are some ingredients that can also be harmful. After all, most wipes are designed for external use and do not account for accidental ingestion.
  3. Think About Your Dog’s Sensitivities: When trying on a new dog wipe, limit the first few uses to ensure that they do not have any unexpected skin reactions to the ingredients.
  4. Don’t Just Buy Any Pet Wipes: Always remember that pet wipes are not exactly the same as dog wipes. While they perform the same purpose, there are some that contain “natural” oils that have varying effects on cats and dogs. In other words, what may be okay for cats, may not be suitable for dogs and vice versa.

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