We’re not fans of Paris Hilton, but this was just too absurd and over the top not to share. Paris Hilton’s dog house is over 6 feet tall, two stories and reportedly cost $350,000 to build. Paris Hilton's Dog House Dogsized
According to PEOPLE, the “mini-doggie mansion,” as Hilton calls it, was designed by the heiress in collaboration with interior decorator Faye Resnick. It’s built to resemble Hilton’s own home, and is decorated with “comfy beds and miniature Phillipe Starck furniture. I even made sure to put a heater and air conditioner in there for them for the different seasons,” she says. “I wanted it to be elegant, girly, comfortable, pink and beautiful. I even had a black crystal chandelier installed, as well as gorgeous black ceiling moldings.”
Paris Hilton's Dog House Dogsized