How Does She Do It? Dog Mom Juggles New Baby and Dog


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Becoming a mom is an exciting and life-changing experience, but it can also be overwhelming, especially if you already have a pup at home. Being a dog mom and juggling a new baby is not an easy task, but with the right mindset and preparation, it can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

dog mom

What is a Dog Mom?

A dog mom is a term used to describe a woman who is a proud and loving owner of one or more dogs. Being a dog mom goes beyond just owning a pet, as it involves caring for and nurturing a furry companion, even if the dog mom has or does not have children.

A dog mom is responsible for ensuring their dog is well-fed, groomed, exercised, and receives proper healthcare.

It is important to note that a dog mom cares for their fur family on their own terms.

They also provide love, affection, and attention to their dog. Some dog moms may often treat their pups as members of the family.

Dog moms may also be passionate about advocating for animal welfare and may involve themselves in volunteering at animal shelters or rescuing dogs in need.

One story of a dog mom with pup and baby

Our friend Andrea is a new mom to her beautiful daughter Avery. She’s also already the mom of Cooper, a very spirited and entertaining Yorkiepoo.

We were wondering – how does she do it?
Dogsized recently interviewed Andrea to give us the scoop:


Tell us about how Cooper, your first (canine) baby, came into your family.

Cooper joined the team after multiple hints of something that “barks under the tree.” My husband and I went to a few places to find the right dog.

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The first two places did not pass my permission, but finally, at the third place, near his parent’s house, we found our little bundle of fun.

Cooper was about 5 lbs then and completely different from all the other dogs we had seen. He was all black with a cinnamon color around his nose and ears.

He slid across the floor, and I immediately said, “Well, we’ll have to call him Swiffer.”

That afternoon, Doug went to a football draft and sitting outside with his sister and cousin, I said, “I’m getting that dog! But the name has to be fitting, so we’ll call him Cooper, for Peter Cooper, where I grew up.”

Cooper and Avery

Did Cooper do anything different or special while you were pregnant?

Well, he ended up learning a couple of new skills. Since I couldn’t easily pick him up at his now 18lbs. He also enjoyed running around the table as a game.

So to make life more manageable, I taught him to do two things:

“Go Kitchen” – Cooper would then go to the kitchen and I was able to catch him because there was no place for him to run around.

“1-2” – I would put his harness down and say “1-2”. Cooper knew to put his first paw up and in and then the second paw in the harness. Then I could clip it together, attach the leash, and we were off.

Cooper kisses

How did Cooper react when Avery came home?
Since Avery was born early, we ended up sending Cooper to the in-laws first, so Cooper returned home after Avery.

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While Avery was in the hospital, we made sure to send Cooper some of Avery’s tops or socks so that he knew her smell.

We weren’t worried at all when Cooper came back home, he loved Avery from the beginning and kissed her all the time.

The only concern was Cooper’s nails. He is a little commando and his requests or generous gifts of love sometimes can be a bit harsh on her skin or anyone’s (or clothes too).

After all, his terrier side is very willful and strong – not aggressive – just bold. As such, we need to make sure his nails are buffered and try to make sure he doesn’t scratch Avery.

Cooper and Avery

Was Cooper ever jealous of Avery?
Yes, and it still is. That is a parenting thing my husband and I need to pay attention to.

Cooper butts himself into the middle of anything. He’s figured out that where Avery is means – attention – so get it while its hot!

How do you manage being a mom to both Cooper and Avery?
What about baby number 3 – my husband?

You have no choice; you do it. If you are blessed, friends and family are around to make you laugh each day. Otherwise, there’s always “Go Kitchen”, “1-2”, and let’s go!

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