5 Surprising Dog Products That Will Make Your Life Easier


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Over the years, the pet industry has churned out some rather unique and ingenious products that offer a solution to some of your pet parenting problems.


There are some dog supplies and accessories you never thought existed that can make your life easier and keep your dogs happy.

Here are the top 5 essential dog products worth adding to your dog supplies shopping list.

1. LED Collar

Many pet parents enjoy taking their furry friends for early morning or late evening walks when it’s cool out, especially during the sweltering summer seasons.

The only issue with that is how can you be expected to see in the dark? After all, taking walks or runs in the low light can pose some serious risks to both you and your pooch.

The vibrant, colorful lights that these LED dog collars produce emit beams that catch the attention of any motorists or nearby pedestrians immediately. This makes the collar an essential and wise investment that can save your dog’s life.



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2. Indoor Dog Potty

An indoor dog potty is an effective method to potty train. It creates a convenient bathroom space within your home, allowing your pooch to pee or poo, all while keeping your home stench-free and clean.

They are also helpful when you can’t take your dog out for walks because you are stuck at work or when the weather is not ideal. An indoor dog potty is also handy if you live in an apartment building or in a house without a backyard.

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They are also a popular choice for elderly pet lovers, who may not be in a position to constantly take them out for walks



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3. Dog Cooling Pad

Whether it’s due to climate change or not, if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that summers seem to be getting hotter each year.

And besides keeping yourself cool, as a pet parent, it’s only natural that we are concerned about our dogs as well.

Other pet parents spoil their fur babies and buy them portable pools or install fans or sprinklers to keep their body temperature down.

If you want a simpler and more affordable way to keep your dogs cool, we recommend getting a dog cooling pad instead.

Dog cooling pads are very easy to use. Depending on the type of dog cooling pad you got for your dog, you place it in the fridge or fill it with water or ice, lay them on the floor or on top of the dog bed, and have your dog lie or sit on it.



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4. Dog Umbrella

It’s no secret that most dogs enjoy having fun in the rain and splashing around in the puddle. And while it may be unhealthy to leave them out for too long in the rain, you also don’t want to spoil their fun either.

On the other hand, there are also times when you need to take your dog for a walk, and it’s pouring out. So what do you do?

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Cancel your plans? No. You simply get yourself a dog umbrella and keep it moving. And if you didn’t already know that these accessories were a thing, then join the club, because neither did we. At least, not at first anyway.

Dog umbrellas come with a unique design that features a canopy connected to your pet through a leash. It’s basically an inverted waterproof umbrella that you keep hanging over your pet to keep them dry in the rain.

Check out our Dog Umbrella Buying Guide to learn how to pick the best umbrella for your pooch.

5. Dog Belly Band

Dog marking is about one of the most frustrating experiences any pet parent goes through at some point in their lives. And dealing with a pooch that seems to enjoy tinkering all over your home can be a rather exhausting thing to overcome.

In most cases, you can solve the problem with effective housetraining. But, depending on the dog, some can prove to be rather stubborn.

And this can end up taking too much time to overcome. Luckily, a quick and easy solution to help you deal with this is to get yourself a belly band for dogs.

Belly bands are a somewhat new product in the market, but they work the same as diapers.

This keeps your household free from messy and unpleasant stains. It is also an effective housetraining tool because whenever your pet relieves themselves with the band still on, it creates a wet sensation that is very uncomfortable for them. This discourages them from peeing indoors.

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