How to Choose an Indoor Dog Potty?

Are you contemplating getting your little canine companion a private bathroom of their own? I mean, as a pet parent, we all love treating our little puppies like royalty, so the VIP treatment makes sense, right?!

Well, to do that you have to make sure you pick out the right indoor dog potty. The only problem is that there are so many different solutions to choose from in today’s market.

From disposable pee pads, artificial grass pads, real-grass pads, the choices are endless! But it is also crucial that you know how to differentiate between the options on offer and what factors to consider before making that final purchase.

So, let’s get into it, shall we?!

Factors to Consider When Buying An Indoor Dog Potty

Size: When it comes to picking out the type of dog potty, it must suit your dog’s preferences. But, if there’s one thing that applies across the board, it’s that the size has to appropriately fit the dog. If it is too small, the risk of regrettable accidents or spills is higher. If it is too big, this means you will end up having to spend more time cleaning the potty.

Durability: You need to ensure that the indoor dog potty is strong enough to handle any form of abuse your dog may put it through. Some pups like chewing on things that they are around a lot, so this is important. Also, the lifespan of the potty must be taken into account as well. For example, artificial grass lasts longer than natural grass. On the other hand, if you opt to use pee pads, then the fabric must be tough and highly absorbent.

Cleaning: It doesn’t matter what potty you end up choosing. If the cleaning process becomes too tedious, it has to go. After all, while the potty is meant to make your dog’s life easier, that doesn’t mean it should make yours miserable, should it? This means making sure that the potty is easy to clean using soap and water. Or can be easily disposed of and replaced.

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How to Choose an Indoor Dog Potty? DogsizedHow to Choose an Indoor Dog Potty? Dogsized
How to Choose an Indoor Dog Potty? DogsizedHow to Choose an Indoor Dog Potty? Dogsized
How to Choose an Indoor Dog Potty? DogsizedHow to Choose an Indoor Dog Potty? Dogsized

Types of Indoor Dog Potties

1. Disposable Pee Pads
A disposable pee pad can be considered the more traditional option because people used to use newspapers as disposable pads back in the day. These days, you can purchase a professionally designed pee pad that is highly absorbent, allowing your pooch to safely do its business indoors.

Some disposable pads are scented to draw in your pooch whenever they need to use the bathroom, which is so crazy to think about. We’re definitely a long way from the days of using newspapers, that’s for sure!

These pads generally come with padding on the top layer and an absorbent fabric at the bottom to keep any pee from seeping to the floor. They are also designed to be easily disposable, so you can easily throw them out each time your pet is done with his business.

2. Artificial Grass Dog Potty
This is probably the most popular choice for many pet parents today. They usually come with a removable tray on the bottom, with the top meant to replicate artificial grass’s look and feel. This grass allows the pee to drain down to the bottom tray, where the urine collects and can be disposed of later.

The benefit of artificial grass potties is that they encourage your pooch to do the deed, especially if they don’t feel comfortable going anywhere else. Also, they can be re-used more than once, as you only have to clean out the bottom tray each day to keep it hygienic.

3. Natural Grass Dog Potty
This is probably the more pricey choice of the bunch, but it’s probably our favorite pick. The manufacturers essentially grow real and natural grass, which allows your dog’s pee to be quickly and efficiently absorbed. Thus eliminating any foul odors from seeping out.

It also comes with a bottom tray that collects the pee, so you only have to clean it out and re-use it as often as you need. The fact that it is real grass makes it a very attractive place for pets, so it should also help the housetraining process go so smoothly too!

4. Litter Box
This is the preferable choice for those pet parents whose pooch’s are used to doing their business in the sand. Much like how cats enjoy litter boxes, you can get one for your pup.

The sand essentially absorbs the urine and helps contain any pungent odors. This makes them ideal, especially if you are too busy cleaning the litter out every day. Plus, they are also suitable for going number two since the sand is easy to replace.

There is also a wide variety of options to choose from in terms of size, color, and style. But, keep in mind that these are best suited to smaller breeds, like chihuahuas or dachshunds.

5. Grated Dog Potty
This style of indoor potty comes with a low bottom pan and a removable grate at the top. The grate is usually made of plastic and is designed to be rigid to prevent bending or flexing. This allows your dog to simply sit on the grate and do the deed. The pee goes straight down to the bottom of the pan to keep your dog’s paws and bottoms dry.

It makes for a pretty straightforward concept when you think about it. Plus, during the cleanup, you can just remove the grate, empty the pan, clean it out with water, and re-use it. It’s as simple as that!

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