On The Go With Your Dog Waste Bag Holder


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For every dog owner, a Dog waste bag holder is a must-have accessory and can make all the difference in keeping your walks clean, tidy, and hassle-free.

Dog Waste Bag Holder

As much as we love our pets, cleaning up after them is an unpleasant but necessary task that comes with the territory of being a responsible pet owner. However, it doesn’t have to be a messy or inconvenient process.

Dog Waste Bag Holder

Whenever you’re walking your dog after dark, you’ll be grateful to have this tool with you.  We came across this handy lighted waste bag holder by Clean Go that could be helpful during your walks. 

It’s a convenient little light for your neighborhood strolls and to check and make sure you picked up all the poop.

The light activates with the push of a button.

It’s not a flood light, so we don’t recommend using it to go in the woods. It has a little hook to attach to your leash or anything else with a belt and is light at only 3.2 ounces.

Best of all, it holds up a 20-count roll of dog waste bags, so you won’t have to be on a walk without poop bags.

The Benefits of Using a Lighted Waste Bag Holder for Nighttime Dog Walks

A lighted waste bag holder is a game-changer for pet owners who often find themselves walking their furry friends after dark.

The purpose of a lighted waste bag holder is twofold, it:

  1. illuminates the area around your dog while they do their business,
  2. provides a convenient and easy-to-use holder for your waste bags.

Walking your dog at night can be challenging, especially in poorly lit areas.

With a lighted waste bag holder, you can easily find and pick up any waste without fumbling around in the dark.

Additionally, the illumination provided by the holder can help make you and your dog more visible to others, adding an extra level of safety to your nighttime walks.

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Overall, a lighted waste bag holder is a smart investment for pet owners who take their dogs out after dark.


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