What Should A Dog First Aid Kit Contain?

Has your dog been hurt before and you've found yourself rushing them to your vet for urgent medical care? If the answer is yes, then you definitely know how important first aid can be, when trying to save your pet’s life. But, if the answer is no, then you can consider yourself lucky and see this as your friendly reminder of why you need a dog first aid kit.

This is because, if your pooch ever ends up having a health crisis, before even taking them to the vet for treatment or a diagnosis, you need to be able to have the necessary tools to conduct emergency first aid. These kits are so indispensable that being able to take early action can help save your dog’s life, no matter how small the quick treatment is.

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Plus, even if the injury isn’t severe enough to require a visit to the vet, having a first aid kit with the right all the right materials will help you take better care of your canine. But, not many pet parents such as yourself, may know what exactly should be prepared for such an unfortunate outcome.

So, we decided to educate you on some of the most important tools that you need to make sure are ready and waiting in your emergency dog kit today. But, do remember that the purpose of these kits is to temporarily treat your pet before rushing them to a licensed vet, as soon as possible.

1. Basket Muzzle

Many pet parents may not have a very good opinion about dog muzzles, but they are essential accessories that can help you save your dog’s life. This is because, if your pooch is in pain or full of fear, there is a high chance they can suddenly lash out or bite someone.

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After all, even if they are well trained, pain can be a strong influence on their levels of aggression. But if you have a busked muzzle handy, this can help keep their snouts shut, reducing the risk of someone being bitten, while in the middle of treating them. Luckily, there are several muzzles that you can order online and each comes made to suit different dog sizes. So, you can easily find something that should fit your dog comfortably.

2. Gauze and Bandages

This is a basic necessity in any dog kit as they are vital in wrapping up any injuries or wounds that may be bleeding. You may also need to get an adhesive tape to help secure the bandages firmly. But, take care to purchase dog bandages, as some of them are coated with bitter-tasting substances that should prevent the risk of your pooch chewing or biting them, while they are still on.

Some of the other most basic items that you would find in most dog kits include;

  • Saline eyewash
  • Tweezers.
  • Antibiotic wipes.
  • Disposable gloves.
  • Blanket or large towel.
  • Leash
  • Baby aspirin
  • Benadryl for allergies

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an extremely important item to have in your medical kit because if your dog ends up ingesting something toxic, this can help induce vomiting. But, keep in mind that giving this to your dog is only meant for use, in the worst-case scenario. And only after you have consulted with your veterinarian over the phone. This is because, while it is generally safe for dogs, if you accidentally give them the wrong amount, it could lead to excessive vomiting, which can be dangerous.

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