Love Your Planet and Your Pup: Earth Rated Poop Bags


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As responsible pet owners, we have a duty to clean up after our furry friends while out on walks. With so many options available in the market, finding the right type of poop bags can be overwhelming. Find out why Earth Rated poop bags were one of the top picks by one Dogsized fan!

Earth Rated poop bags

Earth Rated poop bags

One brand that stands out in terms of quality, sustainability, and affordability is Earth Rated poop bags.

In this blog post, we’ll examine the benefits of using Earth Rated poop bags and why they are a great choice for pet owners who are conscious about the environment.

From biodegradable materials to innovative features, Earth Rated poop bags offer a superior solution for responsible pet waste management.

Earth Rated poop bags review from the Dogsized community

We recently received a great review about Earth Rated bags from one lucky Dogsized fan & Earth Rated giveaway winner, Barbara Rivers.

We were recently among the lucky winners of a box of 120 Earth Rated lavender-scented poop bags from Dogsized! Yay!

I can never have enough poop bags on hand (or paw!) since I’m a professional dog walker on top of being a proud doggie mommy to my pups Missy & Buzz.

Extra Wide & Extra Strong

poop bags 2

The poop bags we received are the ones with an extra wide opening and handles. They measure 13.5″ by 7″, and can easily be pulled out of their dispensing box through an opening in the back (these particular poop bags don’t come on rolls).

Side note: The wide opening makes these poop bags a great option for cat litter cleaning duty as well!

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I’ve used them for that very purpose at one of my multi-pet client’s home ~ I actually picked up their pups’ poop first, then headed to their garage where the litter box is located and scooped the dirty cat litter into the same bag, no problem!


poop bags 3

As mentioned above, we won the lavender-scented poop bags ~ I’m usually not a fan of scented dog products because I’ve found that they can be overpowering.

These Earth Rated poop bags, however, are a nice exception to the rule, as they aren’t overwhelming for my nose!

Green Values

The name Earth Rated already suggests the company’s dedication to our planet Earth ~ here’s how they go about it:

▪ The rolls’ cores and packaging are made of recycled material
▪ Their white-colored, vegetable based bags are 100% plastic free, meaning they will actually break down! (unlike plastic, which takes about 1000 years to decompose!!!)
▪ Any bags not passing their quality control are donated to shelters
▪ Excess production material is recycled or re-used for future production
▪ Earth Rated is a Canadian company but has multiple warehouse locations, thus reducing their carbon footprint

Convenience of Handles

poop bag

Since the arrival of the Earth Rated poop bags with HANDLES, the pups have taken on an additional job ~ that of carrying their own poop!! It’s super easy to tie their respective bags to their doggie backpacks, and it has made our walks more enjoyable for me.

Affordable Dog Waste Bag for $0.06 Per Bag!

A box of the 120 Earth Rated, lavender scented poop bags with handles retails for $6.99, translating into a cost of $0.06 per bag ~ fair price for a pawsome product!

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