Dog Lover Serena Williams and Her Adorable Terriers


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Serena Williams is known for her outstanding achievements as a tennis player, but she is also a devoted dog lover. In fact, Serena is the proud owner of two adorable dogs – a Yorkshire Terrier named Chip and a Jack Russell Terrier named Jackie.

Serena Williams Yorkshire Terriers

Serena often shares pictures and videos of her furry friends on social media, showing the world just how much she loves them. She even created an Instagram account for Chip and Jackie, where she posts regular updates and photos of their adventures.

While many people may think that owning dogs could be a distraction for a professional athlete like Serena, she sees it as a way to unwind and de-stress. In an interview, she mentioned how spending time with her dogs helps her relax and brings balance to her life.

Serena’s dogs often accompany her to tennis matches and can be seen cheering for her from the sidelines. In fact, Jackie has her own special cheer that she does whenever Serena scores a point.

Apart from being cute and cuddly, Chip and Jackie also play an important role in Serena’s life. A few years ago, Serena suffered from a pulmonary embolism, which left her bedridden for weeks. Her dogs were by her side throughout her recovery process, offering comfort and bringing a sense of normalcy to an otherwise trying time.

Serena Williams may be a tennis superstar, but she is also a shining example of a dog lover. Her love for Chip and Jackie is evident in how she speaks about them and shares their adventures with the world. If you’re a dog person, following their Instagram account is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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Before there was Serena Williams with Chip and Jackie, there were Chip and Lorelei

Serena Williams was back in Spain for the Madrid Open with her best friends Chip and Lorelei. You can see them all out for a stroll with Serena’s trainer and the physiotherapist, Esther Lee. The fashionista is carrying a very cute pink dog bag. We think it might be a pink Kwigy-Bo Alex Dog Carrier.

serena williams

Serena was back to defend her women’s champion title from last year, only to have to withdraw due to an aggravated thigh strain just before her quarter-final against Petra Kvitova. She flew straight to Italy, where she hopes a first-round bye will give her time to recover in time for the Rome Masters.


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