Assurance pour animaux de compagnie - nous la recommandons vivement

assurance pour animaux de compagniePet Insurance – do you get it or not? We contemplated this for quite a while. We came across quite a few dogs that needed to have surgery (variety of reasons) and it made me think we should really pull the trigger. At a minimum, we figured we could get a policy that covered emergencies.

Looking for pet insurance does take some time. In the end, we went with Trupanion. It was recommended by our vet and it seemed to be the best value for us at the time. We’ve had it for a few years now and prices have definitely increased year over year (it increased more than we anticipated). Regardless, we’re happy to have had pet insurance coverage and it has been very helpful at times.

Alternative SystemIo Brainrocket

It’s important for you to look at the various plans and see what works for you and your dog.

Nous avons examiné ces compagnies d'assurance pour animaux de compagnie. Au fil des ans, il semble que certaines de ces compagnies aient fusionné. Nous vous recommandons de les consulter et de faire une recherche sur Google pour savoir s'il existe de nouveaux programmes d'assurance pour animaux dans votre région (par exemple Healthy Paws) :

Pattes saines
Plan pour animaux
Pethealth /Pet Care/ 24PetWatch
Pets Best

You will notice that many of the pet insurance companies have plan comparisons and generally their own plan “wins” the comparison. It’s actually possible for this to happen because there are so many plan variables. What is best for my dog might not be best for your dog. For example, if you have a Bulldog, they generally have more health issues and a shorter lifespan than a Coton de Tular. So a Bulldog owner might want more coverage, but care less about cost increases based on age.

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Voici les différents facteurs que nous avons examinés :

Franchise annuelle
Franchise par incident
Limite par incident
Limite annuelle
Limite à vie
Augmentation de la prime en raison de l'âge
Augmentation due au dépôt de demandes d'indemnisation
Affections héréditaires
Opérations chirurgicales
Traitement du cancer
Tests de diagnostic
Médicaments sur ordonnance
Conditions préexistantes
Frais d'examen chez le vétérinaire
Bien-être/soins courants
Critiques/commentaires des clients

We have a Havanese, which is a relatively healthy dog with a long life span. So it was important not to have “premium increase due to age”. [Our experience is that pet insurance still increases year over year and they state it’s due to inflation].

We live in NYC where prices are higher, so we also wanted “reimbursement” to be based on what the vet charges than based on an average national cost. There were a number of other factors (e.g. premium flexibility) that led us to select Trupanion. Please note that while we selected Trupanion – this might not be the right insurance for your dog / your life situation, however, overall we believe pet insurance is definitely a good thing to have.

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