How to Clean Your Dogs Teeth


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There are a number of ways you can clean your dog’s teeth, but do you know How to Clean Your Dogs Teeth?

How to Clean Your Dogs Teeth

First, make sure you only use products specifically made for dogs. Don’t even think about using the toothpaste that you use. That means no Colgate!

You can use a brush and dog toothpaste or wipes. If you can’t seem to brush your dog’s teeth, go ahead and try some chews designed to clean dog teeth.

Next – it’s very important to clean your dog’s teeth on a consistent basis, hopefully, like you do with your own teeth.

Here are some great products that will help keep your dog’s teeth clean:

Sentry Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste – Poultry Flavor

We use this toothpaste on Kobi and it’s also a best seller for Dog Toothpaste on Amazon!

This veterinary strength enzymatic toothpaste is specifically formulated for dogs. It will help control plaque, reduce tartar, and fight bad breath.

It does not foam, and there’s no need to rinse. Comes in a yummy poultry flavor.

John Paul Pet Teeth and Gum Wipes

John Paul’s Pet Teeth and Gum Wipes are specially formulated to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh.

Formulated with baking soda to remove stains from teeth, you can use it daily to help prevent tooth and gum disease.

We use these on our dog when traveling – easy to put a few wipes in a sealed ziploc bag.

All for Paws Dog Toothpaste and Brush Kit

This Veterinary Strength Peanut Flavor Dog Toothpaste Dental Kit helps clean teeth and fights bad breath. This toothpaste is designed just for dogs. It does not foam and there’s no need to rinse. Brushing with this dog toothpaste helps to reduce plaque and tartar accumulation. Comes in this tasty, peanut butter flavor.

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Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs
If you’re having a hard time trying to brush your dog’s teeth, then you might want to try a chew.

These enzymatic oral hygiene chews for dogs combine natural antiseptic activity with abrasive action for clinically proven plaque control. They’re made with beef hide.

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