Top Dog Umbrella Features That Keep Your Doggy Dry


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Is a dog umbrella really a thing nowadays? Well, as crazy as it sounds, this handy invention actually exists. We were just as surprised as you are to find out that dog umbrellas are a thing.

Dog Umbrella

It is actually a convenient and nifty little contraption that many pet parents, such as yourself, have begun investing in. After all, dogs aren’t waterproof, so why shouldn’t they get their own umbrellas right?

Dog umbrellas usually come with a long, rigid handle for you to hold and a short leash attached to your furry companion’s collar.

And in between is a collapsible umbrella that can be opened and closed, thereby keeping your canine nice and dry, be it in rain or snow.

Dog Umbrellas

They are also usually transparent, so you can still keep an eye on your dog as he walks, and it will not obstruct their point of view either.

So, how can I choose the best dog umbrella for my pooch? Well, like any other things we buy for our fur babies, there are some things you need to consider.


Fur-Parents Approved Dog Umbrellas

Things you need to look out for when buying a dog umbrella

You must always pick out an umbrella that is the right size for your pet. Most brands will mention the dimensions, as well as the breeds that they fit.

Others will also note the length of the leash and any size adjustments needed. As a rule of thumb, you should always ensure that it is big enough to cover your pooch completely.

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On the other hand, it must not be too large that it becomes difficult to handle.

If your canine is a small to medium-sized breed, then you shouldn’t have any problems finding one that’s suitable for them. But, if you have a large-sized companion, then it may be a bit trickier.

Dog Umbrella

This may sound pretty obvious for an umbrella. Still, you must consider the type of material that the umbrella is made out of. The high-quality dog umbrellas will be made using nylon, which does well to prevent rain from seeping through.

You also have to consider whether the umbrella’s frame is sturdy enough that it can’t break easily if your dog suddenly starts to move around.

We recommend opting for something made of stainless steel, as it will usually last longer.

Regardless of the length, your dog may need some time to get used to the new accessory. But if the canopy is too close to your dog, it may frighten or make them very uncomfortable.

So, it’s always essential that you opt for something that affords a fair amount of adjustability to keep them protected and give them enough space to walk freely underneath the umbrella.

We also recommend purchasing something easy to assemble and extremely lightweight. This is because if it isn’t, then it will be difficult for you and your pooch to both handle it at the same time.

It is always important that you pick a dog umbrella that is made using a clear and transparent material. This will allow you to guide and steer your dog away from any potholes, obstacles or puddles.

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Plus, even with the umbrella on, your pooch will be able to feel much more calm and comfortable knowing they can still see you during your walks.

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