Do Mosquitoes Bite Dogs?

Are you a new pet parent and just recently adopted a pooch? If you are, then it’s only natural you may be feeling both excited and nervous about taking care of the little one. While there are many things that you need to do to keep them fit and healthy, there is one crucial thing that you need to be on the lookout for.


Why? Well, a lot of new pet parents may not realize this. But much like humans, mosquitoes have no qualms about going after both you and your pooch. Talk about arrogance, am I right?

These pesky little critters tend to pose more of a threat during the hot summer seasons when the longer days and warm water allows them to spread and accumulate. And to help clear up a few common questions that you may be curious to know;

  • Do mosquitoes bite dogs? Yes. 
  • Can they be bitten even with their thick furs? Yes.
  • Are mosquito bites a significant cause for concern? Absolutely.
  • Can I prevent it? Definitely.


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What Threat Do Mosquitoes Pose To My Dog?

Mosquitoes bring about two main problems for your pets. First, their bites can cause discomfort to your dog. Secondly, they pose a significant risk of heartworm disease transmission. But before we dive into that, you should be able to identify the signs that indicate your furry friend has had a recent confrontation with a mosquito.

This means looking out for;

  • Itchy, raised lumps on the skin.
  • Skin inflammation.
  • Constant Itching In One Area.
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Pets are no different from humans in that they usually have a similar sort of reaction to mosquito bites as we do. The only difference is that most of our furry friends have… fur. This makes it somewhat tricky for mosquitos to get to their skin very quickly.

Mosquitos can still manage to bite your poor furbaby if your pooch is of a breed that doesn’t have a lot of furs and has a smooth coat instead. Just like bulldogs.

What is Heartworm Disease?

Well, it’s not pleasant, let’s just start there. You see, the most significant risk when it comes to pet mosquito bites is that there is a risk of your dog being infected with heartworm disease.

This infection happens when a mosquito bites your canine, resulting in a worm that grows inside your dog’s heart. Once the worm is settled in, it can result in serious heart disease problems. If it does happen, you’ll be happy to know that it is treatable. The treatment isn’t always 100% effective, and at times, it could take months before the parasite is entirely eliminated.

How Can I Prevent This?

Heartworm disease prevention becomes a severe issue because all it takes is one unfortunate, unlucky bite, and you could find yourself paying a visit to the vet. Luckily, there is a monthly medication that your vet can recommend you give your dog, which can help reduce the risk of intestinal parasites.

Keep in mind that medications will not keep mosquitoes from pursuing your pooch. Always ensure that you reduce the number of stagnant water, tall grass areas, or any other potential mosquito breeding grounds near your home. You may also need to have a trained pest control expert examine your yard just to be safe.

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