Hello Dog – How To Greet a Dog For The First Time


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You might be surprised by the answers to how to greet a dog for the first time. Many people and children love dogs and would like to learn how to say hi in dog in a friendly way. 

Despite their good intentions, sometimes humans and dogs are “lost in translation“. Many people use approaches are not really dog friendly or at least a dog does not understand it to be friendly.

How to greet a dog for the first time

The easiest way to answer the question of how to say hi in dog is to remember the acronym WAIT:
Wait to make sure a dog looks friendly.
Ask the owner’s permission to pet the dog.
Invite the dog to sniff the person before petting.
Touch the dog gently on its back, away from its face and tail.

Dog Love

Other how to greet dog tips

– Let the dog approach you first
– Don’t scream or speak loudly around a dog
– Let the dog sniff your hand
– Do not pat the dog on their head. Approach them on their back or on the side of their body
– When petting a dog, don’t tap them. Use a soft smooth stroke from the head towards the tail
– Don’t grab their tail

Here’s a fantastic illustration on how NOT to greet a dog:

Hello Dog

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