Extra Large Dog Doors: What to Consider When Buying?


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Conventional pet doors often fall short of requirements for individuals who share their homes with larger breeds. Catering to this niche, certain brands have engineered doors to accommodate dogs weighing as much as 220 lbs and with shoulder heights extending to 31.5 inches.

Extra Large Dog Doors

Why XL Dogs Need Extra large dog doors?

Sure, here is a compelling and informative opening paragraph about the benefits of extra large dog doors for XL dogs:

XL dogs come with big responsibilities. Not only do they need plenty of food and exercise, but they also need a safe and comfortable place to call home. This is where extra large dog doors come in.

Standard-sized dog doors are too small for XL dogs. They can’t fit through them comfortably and may even get stuck. This can be dangerous, especially if your dog is trying to escape from a fire or other emergency.

An extra large dog door will provide your XL dog with the space they need to move freely. This will help them stay comfortable and relaxed, especially during hot or cold weather. It will also give them a safe and secure way to enter and exit their house or kennel, which can give you peace of mind.

If you have an XL dog, an extra large dog door is an essential investment. It will keep your dog safe and comfortable and give you peace of mind.

Here are some reasons why XL dogs need extra large dog doors:

  • Size: XL dogs are too big to fit through standard-sized dog doors. An extra large dog door will provide them with enough space to enter and exit comfortably.
  • Comfort: A well-fitting x-large dog door will allow your XL dog to move freely in and out of their house or kennel. This will help them stay comfortable and relaxed, especially during hot or cold weather.
  • Security: An extra large dog door with a locking mechanism can help keep other animals out of your XL dog’s house or kennel. This can help prevent fights or the spread of diseases.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your XL dog has a safe and secure way to enter and exit their house or kennel can give you peace of mind. This is especially important if you work long hours or travel frequently.
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What to Look for In an Extra Large Dog Door?

Consider the door’s dimensions relative to your dog’s size, its build quality for durability, its security features, and whether it is suitable for your climate, providing sufficient insulation.

Extra Large Dog Doors

Here are some things to look for in an extra large dog door:

  • Size: The door should be large enough for your dog to enter and exit easily. You’ll want to measure your dog’s shoulders and hips to ensure they have enough room to fit through the door.
  • Durability: The door should be made from durable materials that can withstand use by a large dog. Look for a door that is made of plastic, metal, or wood.
  • Weatherproofing: The door should be weatherproof to protect your dog from the elements. Look for a door that has a weatherstripping seal and a watertight flap.
  • Security: The door should be secure to prevent other animals from entering your dog’s house. Look for a door with a locking mechanism or a flap that can be closed.
  • Ease of use: The door should be easy for your dog to use. Look for a door with a flap that opens and closes easily.
  • Price: Dog doors can range in price from around $20 to $100. Consider your budget when choosing a dog door.

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing an extra-large dog door:

  • The type of door: There are two main types of dog doors: flap doors and tunnel doors. Flap doors are the most common type of dog door. They are easy to install and use. Tunnel doors are more secure than flap doors but are also more difficult to install.
  • The location of the door: The door should be located in a spot that is easy for your dog to reach. It is also important to consider the placement of the door in terms of the weather. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to place the door on the side of the house that gets the most sun.
  • The door material: The material of the door should be durable and weatherproof. Plastic and metal are the most common materials for dog doors.
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I hope this helps!

Dog Doors for Large Dogs

The market offers a wide variety of dog doors designed specifically for larger breeds. One popular choice is the Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e. Not only is it recognized for its energy efficiency, but it is also designed to be installed in sliding glass doors, making it a versatile pick. The door caters to dogs weighing up to 110 lbs, with flap sizes available in large (10″ x 18″) and extra-large (12″ x 22″). It is also adjustable in height, designed to fit in sliding doors between 74.75″-80.25″ tall.

Extra Large Dog Doors

Extra Large Dog Doors

Extra-large dog doors cater to the biggest breeds, such as St. Bernards and Great Danes. One product that stands out in this category is the PlexiDor Performance Pet Door.

This dog door offers an opening size of 16″ x 23.75″, accommodating dogs that weigh up to 220 lbs. The door features a chew-proof panel, comes with a lock and key, and a steel security plate for when you want to secure your home.

Ease of Installation

Ease of installation is a key consideration when choosing a dog door. The Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door is popular for this reason. In addition, it comes in a super-large size of 15″ x 23.5″.

For installation, you’ll need a jigsaw, drill, and screwdriver. The process involves marking the cut-out size on your door, drilling four corner holes, cutting out the opening, assembling the dog door, and attaching it to your door.

Wall Mount Dog Doors

Wall mount dog doors like the PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door offer installation flexibility and can cater to larger dogs. They include a telescoping tunnel to fit wall widths from 4.75 in. – 7.25 in. After marking the cut-out size on your wall, use a jigsaw to cut out the opening, assemble the pet door, and attach it to your wall.

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Find The Perfect Doggy Door At Moore Pet Supplies

Moore Pet Supplies is a one-stop shop for a broad range of dog doors, including automatic and weather-resistant designs. They also offer customer support to help you find the perfect fit for your dog’s needs.

Extra Large Dog Doors


1. Can a small dog use an extra-large dog door?

Yes, a small dog can use an extra-large dog door, but it’s essential to ensure the door isn’t too high off the ground for the smaller dog to step over comfortably.

2. Do I need a professional to install my extra-large dog door?

While it’s possible to install many dog doors yourself with the right tools and instructions, some might prefer the professional installation to ensure it’s done correctly.

3. Are there any safety concerns with extra-large dog doors?

With the increased size, there can be increased security concerns. Therefore, selecting a model with a robust locking mechanism or a security cover is advisable.

4. How do I train my dog to use the new extra-large door?

Start by encouraging your dog to pass through the open door with the flap up. You can use treats to coax them. Gradually lower the flap over time as your dog becomes more comfortable.

5. How often will I need to replace my extra-large dog door?

The longevity of a dog door depends on the product’s quality and how much it’s used. Typically, good quality doors can last many years, and replacement flaps can be bought if needed.

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