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Welcome to the world of dog photo contest entrys! Are you an enthusiastic dog parent or a professional photographer looking to showcase your best work? Are you on the fence about joining a dog photo contest?

dog photo contest

Today we’ll take a deep dive into the exciting and rewarding world of dog photo contests and discuss all the benefits, details, and helpful tips you need to know for participating in a contest.

Dog photo contests are an excellent opportunity for dog lovers and photographers to come together to celebrate the beauty, personality, and spirit of dogs.

Whether it’s capturing the perfect shot of a dog in action or a candid moment that showcases their charm, these contests provide a platform to showcase our beloved companions’ unique and lovable qualities.

And the best part? You get to share this experience with like-minded people who share your passion for all things canine.

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When it comes to the structure of a dog photo contest, there are several ways our Dogsized team goes about it. Some contests are judged by a panel of experts, while others incorporate audience voting or a hybrid of the two.

Depending on the contest, there may also be different categories for participants to submit their photos. These can range from breed-specific contests to themed contests based on holidays, seasons, or special events.

One of the more popular dog contests we have done is for Halloween through our partnership with BestWoof

But what makes a winning photo in a dog photo contest?

Judges typically look for a combination of creativity, originality, and technical skill when evaluating photos. Factors such as lighting, composition, and subject matter can all play a role in determining a winning photo. Of course, there’s always the factor of cuteness, which tends to play a significant role in capturing the heart of the judges and the audience alike.

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Here’s one photo of a previous Dogsized Dog of the Month with over 350 votes. We had over 43 entries and 1,600 votes!

What do the winners of these contests receive?

The prizes can vary from contest to contest, but they can range from cash prizes, gift vouchers, and sponsored products to having your dog‘s photo featured in a national publication or even an advertisement. The recognition and exposure from winning can also lead to opportunities in the photography or pet industry.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than some of the past winners and participants of dog photo contests. From a daring pup leaping into a pool to a dignified senior dog sporting a pair of sunglasses, there’s a world of creativity out there to admire and strive for.

Photo Contest

The dog with the most votes by May 31st became our Dogsized Dog of the Month and won the award winning H-Duo with Companion Cup from Popware for Pets. This water bottle holds water for your dog and a separate drink for you (or treats for your dog).

Benefits of participating in a dog photo contest

From personal experience, participating in a dog photo contest can be a rewarding and exciting experience. It not only gives you a chance to showcase the lovable and unique qualities of your dog, but it can also lead to new connections and opportunities in the dog-loving community. And for those on the fence about hosting their own contest, the joy of seeing the creative and heartwarming entries come in is a treat in itself.

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Dog Content Round Up

In summary, dog photo contests provide a wonderful opportunity for dog lovers and photographers alike to showcase the beauty and personality of our beloved canines.

Whether you’re participating or hosting, these contests offer a unique way to celebrate the companionship and joy that comes with our furry friends. So get your cameras ready and join the fun, because the world of dog photography is waiting for you!

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