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The Toppl dog treat toy by West Paw stands as a leading contender in the dog toy industry, a fact we witnessed firsthand at the Global Pet Expo. Having tested the Toppl toy with our canine companion, Kobi, we can confidently endorse its practicality and appeal.

Dog Treat Toy

Design and Functionality

The Toppl dog treat toy features an innovative design that can easily accommodate treats like a bully stick, enhancing your pet’s chewing experience. Our trials showed how Kobi found it significantly more manageable to grasp and hold the treat when lodged within the Toppl toy.

The toy incorporates internal ridges that securely trap treats, reducing the risk of them falling out during play. Kobi is a small dog, so we don’t know how the dog treat toy will hold up if you give it to a tough dog toy tester at home.

The Challenge Factor

In addition to its basic function as a treat holder, the Toppl dog treat toy introduces an element of challenge for your canine friend. The toy is designed to interlock with another Toppl toy of a different size, effectively creating a puzzle for your dog to solve.

This dual-toy configuration intensifies the difficulty level, stimulating your dog’s problem-solving abilities as they work to retrieve the treats concealed within.

Durability and Bounce

Apart from its interactive properties, the Toppl toy boasts a bouncy nature, adding another layer of fun to your pet’s playtime.

Our dog Kobi isn’t particularly renowned for testing durability, but from our observations, the Toppl dog treat toy demonstrates impressive robustness. Its construction seems highly durable, verging indestructible, making it suitable for heavy chewers.

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Sustainability and Safety

Emphasizing sustainability, all of West Paw’s Zogoflex dog toys, including the Toppl line, are recyclable. They are manufactured with safety as a priority, being BPA-and-phthalate-free and FDA compliant, meaning the material is safe enough for pets to eat off. The company guarantees the toy’s longevity; for added convenience, it is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Variety and Availability

The Toppl dog treat toy caters to all sizes of dogs by offering two size options – small and large. To suit different preferences, it comes in a selection of three vibrant colors – blue, green, and orange.

This innovative dog treat toy from West Paw is a clear favorite in our household, offering entertainment, mental stimulation, and practical functionality for Kobi, making his treat time a more enriching experience.

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