Dog Collars

Dog collars are, of course, a top essential accessory for your dog. You might also have a need to have different dog collars for different occasions (e.g. special events, water sports, nightwear). We’ve hand-picked, top-quality products with great style.

Often the below styles are available in other colors, fabrics &/or sizes.

Everything is linked for easy purchase:

Luxury Dog Collars
Hartman & Rose Leather Dog Collars

Hartman and Rose Hartman Collection Leather Dog Collar
Hartman & Rose Hartman Collection

Water Resistant Dog Collar
Water Resistant Dog Collar

Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar
Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar

Winston Collar
Winston Collar

Auburn Leathercraft Collar

Blueberry Reflective Adjustable Collar

BSeen LED Rechargeable Collar

Luxury Real Soft Leather Collars

Leather Pyramid Collar

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