Why You Should Get An Indoor Dog Potty


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While there are a number of different ways you could go about housetraining your dog, one of the most creative ways of accomplishing this is by using an indoor dog potty.

Indoor Dog Potty

One of the most important tasks that any dog lover has to learn is how to housetrain their canine companions effectively.

Some of you who may already be experienced in how the traditional process works may find the use of one of these accessories can seem a bit strange.

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How Do They Work?

Indoor dog potties are pretty straightforward, as they basically replicate the feeling of grass. This allows your dog to comfortably pee, leaving the urine to be absorbed through the grass and collect into a solid tray underneath.

When it’s time to clean, you can empty the tray to your toilet, then wash it. This makes indoor dog potty a fantastic potty training solution, especially if you live in an apartment building or don’t have access to a big backyard.

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Benefits Of An Indoor Dog Potty

If you still need a little more convincing as to why you should purchase one of these for indoor use, then sit tight. As we’re going to quickly dive into a few of the main benefits that these little accessories offer, making them a must-have for any current or future pet parents out there.

Eliminates Odors

If there is one thing all of us canine lovers can, unfortunately, relate to, it’s that unmistakable smell of dog urine that hits you right in the face from the moment you set one foot through your door. If you are considering adopting a dog then be prepared, because this is a sort of rite of passage that all of us inevitably go through. It’s not pleasant, but it comes with the territory. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t try to mitigate the risk of that happening. Most indoor dog potties come with hydroponic grass and antimicrobial properties, that make them not only absorbent but also able to neutralize any unpleasant odors too!

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Offers Daily Convenience

Another big benefit of owning one of these is that you won’t ever need to take your pooch out into the snow or rain to do his or her business. This is because they will essentially have their own personal bathrooms to do their business like the little VIPs that they are! Besides, nobody enjoys walking their doggies out in the cold, where it’s not only unhealthy but dangerous too. This also applies to those really hot and humid summers, when the heat outside is unbearable. With an indoor potty, you no longer have to risk taking them outside, risking sunstroke or paw blisters on the hot pavements either!

Best Potty Aid For Older Dogs

If you have a pooch that is now into his or her older years, there is a chance that they may have problems going outside to the bathroom. This is a more common occurrence than you may think as it could be due to health-related problems or a case of poor mobility. However, owning an indoor dog potty allows you to minimize the need for them to go outside and keep them indoors, without risking any indoor accidents either.

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