Meet Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds In The World


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Diving into the charming world of petite pooches, let’s explore the top 10 smallest dog breeds, each unique in size, personality, and charm.

top 10 smallest dog breeds

Convenience a Key Factor For The Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds have one thing in common in terms of their appeal to dog owners. Beyond their size, it’s their convenience – small dogs are more convenient to take care of and easier to transport, making them great companions for people who live in small apartments or travel frequently.

Additionally, small dogs tend to have longer lifespans than larger breeds, which means they can be a loyal companion for many years. Another reason for the popularity of small dog breeds is their adorable appearance.

Many small dogs have distinct features, such as big eyes or fluffy fur, making them irresistible to pet lovers. They also come in various colors and patterns, making it easy for families to find one that matches their style.

Exploring the Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds

Let’s explore each of the top 10 smallest dog breeds and their breed history, characteristics, and fun facts to help readers discover which small dog breed might be right for them.

Whether you are looking for a lapdog or an energetic pup to keep up with your active lifestyle, there is sure to be a breed on this list that catches your eye. Throughout this post, we will also highlight some important information about owning a small dog.

From training tips to health concerns, we want readers to feel confident in their ability to care for their new furry friend. So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of tiny pups and discover what makes each one unique!

The Chihuahua

Brief history and characteristics

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog, named after the Chihuahua state in Mexico. They have a compact and sturdy build, weighing no more than six pounds at their adult size. Despite their small size, they are known for their bravery and can be quite stubborn.

These dogs are loyal to their owners and often become attached to one person in particular. Chihuahuas have short-haired or long-haired coats that can be a variety of colors, including black, white, fawn, chocolate, and cream.

They do not require much exercise since they are so small but should be taken on daily walks to help with socialization and prevent obesity. These dogs have a lifespan of up to 20 years if cared for properly.

Fun facts about Chihuahuas

Did you know that the Chihuahua is believed to have descended from the Techichi dog breed? The Techichi was a sacred dog in ancient Mayan culture and was believed to bring good luck to its owner. Another interesting fact about these little dogs is that they often shiver or tremble when they are cold or nervous.

This behavior is due to their high metabolism rate which helps them generate body heat more quickly than other breeds. Did you know that there is no standard height or weight for Chihuahuas?

Some individuals may only weigh two pounds while others could weigh up to six pounds at full maturity. It’s important for owners to work with their veterinarians to ensure their pets stay healthy regardless of size variation.

The Yorkshire Terrier

Brief History and Characteristics

The Yorkshire Terrier, affectionately known as the “Yorkie,” was originally bred in England during the 19th century. It was developed to catch rats in factories and mines, but quickly became a beloved companion dog due to its small size and charming personality. The breed is a cross between several different terrier breeds, including the Skye Terrier and the Maltese.

Yorkies are known for their distinctive appearance, with long silky hair that comes in a variety of colors. They are small dogs, typically weighing between 4-7 pounds, and stand only 6-9 inches tall at the shoulder.

Despite their size, Yorkies are brave and confident dogs that are not afraid to take on larger animals. In terms of temperament, Yorkies are known for being affectionate and loyal companions.

They thrive on attention from their owners and love nothing more than snuggling up on laps. However, they can also be stubborn at times and may require firm training to prevent them from developing bad habits.

Fun Facts About Yorkies

– Yorkies have a high prey drive and were originally bred to catch rats in factories. – The breed’s long hair is hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for people with allergies.

– Many famous celebrities have owned Yorkies over the years, including Audrey Hepburn and Paris Hilton. – Yorkies have been used as therapy dogs due to their friendly nature.

– In 2008, a Yorkie named Smokey was awarded the title of World’s Smallest Dog by Guinness World Records. She weighed only 1.8 pounds!

The Pomeranian

A Brief History

The Pomeranian, also known as the Pom, is a toy breed that originated in the Pomerania region of Germany and Poland. These dogs were originally much larger than the Poms we know today, weighing between 20 and 30 pounds.

top 10 smallest dog breeds

It wasn’t until Queen Victoria became enamored with the breed in the 1100s that they were selectively bred to be smaller and more refined. The Pom quickly became a popular companion dog among royalty and aristocracy.

Characteristics Pomeranians

The Pomeranian is a tiny ball of fluff with an unmistakable teddy bear appearance. They typically weigh between 3 and 7 pounds and stand only about 6 to 7 inches tall at the shoulder. Their double coat is thick, fluffy, and comes in a variety of colors including orange, red, black, cream, sable, blue, brown, or white.

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Despite their small size, Poms are confident dogs with larger-than-life personalities. They are curious by nature and love meeting new people and pets.

They are intelligent dogs that can sometimes be stubborn when it comes to training. However, with patience and positive reinforcement methods they can be trained to do just about anything.

Fun Facts About Pomeranians

– The first Pomeranians weighed up to thirty pounds which was much bigger than their present size. – Queen Victoria had several poms as companions. – In the early days of dog shows there were two different categories for poms – less than three pounds (toy) or more than three pounds (standard).

It wasn’t until later on that the breed standard was set at seven pounds or less. – Boo – one of the most famous poms ever – had his own Facebook page, which amassed over sixteen million followers before he passed away in 2019.

– Poms are great apartment dogs because of their size and exercise needs. They can get all the exercise they need from playing indoors or short outdoor walks.

The Papillon

Brief History and Characteristics

The Papillon is a breed that originated in France and has been around since the 16th century. This breed was also known as the Continental Toy Spaniel, Squirrel Dog, Phalene (moth), or Butterfly Dog because of its unique look.

The Papillon is a small dog weighing between 4-9 pounds and around 8-11 inches. They have large upright ears that resemble butterfly wings, hence their name.

The Papillon’s coat is long and silky with white as the base color and spots of black, brown, red or sable. They are known for being extremely friendly dogs but can be reserved with strangers.

They are also incredibly intelligent dogs which makes them easy to train. Their playful nature makes them ideal for families with children or seniors who want a companion dog.

Fun Facts about the Papillon

Did you know that the Papillon was once the favorite breed of Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV’s mistress? She was so enamored by this breed that she had her portrait painted holding a Papillon. Another fun fact about this breed is their intelligence level.

top 10 smallest dog breeds

The Papillon has been recorded as one of the smartest dog breeds in the world by psychologist Stanley Coren in his book “The Intelligence of Dogs.” This attribute makes them great competitors in agility trials. On average, a Papillon can live up to 13-16 years old with proper care.

They are generally healthy but prone to conditions such as patellar luxation (dislocated kneecap) and dental problems due to their small size. If you’re looking for an intelligent and friendly lapdog that loves attention and exercise while being low maintenance when it comes to grooming needs, then the Papillon might be an excellent fit for you.

The Toy Poodle

Brief history and characteristics

The Toy Poodle is a small breed of dog that originated in France and is known for its intelligence, elegance, and athleticism. They were originally bred to be water retrievers but have since become popular as companions due to their adorable appearance and loving nature.

Toy Poodles are the smallest variety of the Poodle breed, weighing 4-6 pounds and standing only 10 inches tall. They have a beautiful curly coat that comes in various colors, including white, black, brown, gray, apricot, and red.

Their coat requires regular grooming to prevent matting. In addition to being intelligent and athletic, Toy Poodles are also known for their loyalty and affectionate nature toward their owners.

They excel in obedience training and agility competitions due to their high level of intelligence. They make excellent pets for families with children as they are gentle and loving with kids.

Fun facts about Toy Poodles

Did you know that Toy Poodles were favored by royalty in the past? King Louis XVI was known for his love of this breed, as well as other French monarchs such as Queen Marie Antoinette. Toy Poodles also have a reputation for being hypoallergenic due to their low-shedding coat.

This makes them an ideal pet for people who suffer from allergies but still want a furry companion. Toy Poodles are one of the few breeds that can perform tricks on command without any special training!

top 10 smallest dog breeds

Their high level of intelligence allows them to learn new commands and perform them flawlessly every time quickly. Overall, the Toy Poodle is an excellent choice for those seeking a small companion dog with brains and beauty.

The Shih Tzu

Brief history and characteristics

The Shih Tzu is a small toy dog breed that originated in China over a thousand years ago. Their name means “lion dog,” and they were bred to resemble the lion, which was considered sacred in Chinese culture. The breed was highly prized by Chinese royalty and was often given as gifts to foreign dignitaries.

Shih Tzus have a distinct appearance with their large round eyes, short snout, and long hair that comes in various colors such as white, black, gold, or brown. They are known for their affectionate and outgoing personalities, which make them great family pets.

Shih Tzus are also known for being intelligent and easy to train, which makes them ideal for novice pet owners. However, they can be stubborn at times and require consistent training and socialization from an early age to prevent behavioral problems.

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Fun facts about the Shih Tzu

Here are some fun facts about the Shih Tzu: – The Shih Tzu was once an exclusive pet of Chinese royalty.

– Shih Tzus were popularized in the US after a pair of dogs were gifted to President Richard Nixon by the Chinese government. – The breed is known for its long hair that requires daily grooming to keep it from matting.

– Despite their small size, Shih Tzus have a brave spirit and will defend their owners if they feel threatened. – Due to their friendly nature, Shih Tzus are often used as therapy dogs in hospitals and nursing homes.

Overall, the Shih Tzu is a lovable companion with a rich history. Whether you’re seeking a playful pet or looking for an emotional support animal with an affectionate personality – this little lion dog might be the perfect fit!

The Bichon Frise

A Regal History

The Bichon Frise is a small, fluffy breed with a rich history. Its origins can be traced back to the Mediterranean region, where it was known as the “little dog of Malta.” The Bichon Frise was a popular companion to sailors, who would take them on long voyages as they were excellent at catching rats and other pests on board.

Eventually, the breed found its way to France where it became a favorite of the nobility during the Renaissance period. During this time, the Bichon Frise was groomed and treated like royalty.

Its curly coat was styled in elaborate fashions and adorned with ribbons and jewels. This trend continued for centuries until the breed nearly went extinct during World War I.

Thanks to dedicated breeders, however, the Bichon Frise made a comeback in Europe in the 1930s and eventually made its way to America where it gained popularity.

Characteristic Traits of the Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise stands at around 9-12 inches tall at the shoulders and typically weighs between 7-12 pounds. They have an adorable fluffy white coat that requires regular grooming to keep it looking neat and tidy.

In addition to their fluffy appearance, they are known for their cheerful personalities and affectionate nature. Bichons are highly intelligent dogs that require plenty of socialization from an early age.

They enjoy being around people and make excellent family pets due to their playful behavior and gentle demeanor. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic which makes them an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies.

Fun Facts About The Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is an adaptable breed that excels in agility competitions due to its high energy levels. They have been known to perform in circuses, as well as being excellent therapy dogs. Bichons are also known for their ability to learn quickly and perform tricks, making them a popular choice for television commercials.

The Japanese Chin

Brief history and characteristics

The Japanese Chin, also known as the Japanese Spaniel, is an elegant small breed that originated in China. It was believed to have been brought to Japan as a gift from the Chinese emperor in the 8th century. In Japan, it became a cherished companion of royalty and nobility alike.

The breed was later introduced to Europe by Dutch merchants and quickly gained popularity among aristocrats. Today, the Japanese Chin remains a beloved lapdog and show dog.

The Japanese Chin stands at around 8-11 inches tall and weighs between 4-9 pounds. They have a distinctive round face with wide-set eyes that give them an endearing expression.

Their coat is soft, silky, and comes in black and white or red and white colorations. These little dogs are known for their affectionate personality and loyalty to their owners.

They are intelligent, lively, and playful – but do not require rigorous exercise routines. Instead, they enjoy spending time indoors with their owners or taking short walks outside on a leash.

Fun facts about the Japanese Chin

– Although commonly referred to as the “Japanese” Chin, many experts believe that this breed actually originated in China. – In Japan during feudal times (1115–1168), these dogs were kept inside luxury palaces where guards would perform rituals with them before entering the palace each morning. – Queen Alexandra of Denmark was an avid fan of this breed – she even had her own kennel dedicated to them at Sandringham House.

– The American artist John Singer Sargent frequently painted his subjects alongside their beloved pets – one of his famous paintings includes Lady Agnew of Lochnaw holding her pet Japanese Chin named Pinkie. – In some cultures, such as ancient China or Japan, owning a Japanese Chin was believed to bring good luck or ward off evil spirits.

The Brussels Griffon

Brief History and Characteristics

The Brussels Griffon, also known as the Griffon Bruxellois, originated in Belgium in the 1100s. They were bred to hunt and catch rats in stables. The breed was created by crossing several breeds, including the Affenpinscher, Pug, and King Charles Spaniel.

As a result of this breeding, they have a unique appearance with their large round eyes and distinctively shaped head. Brussels Griffons are small dogs that weigh between 8-10 pounds and stand about 7-8 inches tall.

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They come in two different coat types: rough and smooth. The rough coat is wiry and dense, while the smooth coat is short and glossy.

They have a variety of colors, including black, beige, red, and belge (a mixture of black and reddish-brown). These dogs are known for their expressive faces that make them look almost human-like.

Fun Facts About The Brussels Griffon

Did you know that there are two different types of Brussels Griffons? In addition to the rough-coated variety mentioned earlier, there is also a smooth-coated version. Both types make great pets but have slightly different grooming needs.

Despite their small size, Brussels Griffons have big personalities! These dogs are often described as being spunky, playful, and affectionate with their owners.

They can also be quite stubborn sometimes, which makes training them somewhat challenging. Another fun fact about Brussels Griffons is that they have appeared in several movies over the years, including “As Good As It Gets” starring Jack Nicholson.

In fact, after the movie was released, there was a surge in popularity for this breed which led to an increase in breeding practices for profit rather than ethical purposes. Today’s responsible breeders focus on producing healthy puppies with good temperaments.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A Majestic Lap Dog with a Regal History

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small, elegant toy dog breed that is known for its affectionate and playful nature. Originating from the United Kingdom, this breed is named after King Charles II, who was very fond of this type of dog.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a regal history and was often seen sitting on the laps of royal figures throughout history. This breed has beautiful silky fur that can come in four different colors: Blenheim (chestnut and white), Tricolor (black, white, and tan), Ruby (solid red), or Black and Tan.

They have expressive eyes and long ears that beautifully frame their face. Despite their royal roots, they are an adaptable breed that can be just as happy in a family home as they are in a palace.

Fun Facts about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

– Cavaliers are often used as therapy dogs due to their gentle temperament. – They were bred to be lap dogs for royalty, which explains why they love nothing more than cuddling up next to their owners.

– Cavaliers have been known to suffer from heart problems due to their small size. – They love being around people so much that they often experience separation anxiety when left alone for too long.

Add One More To The Top 10 of the Smallest Dog Breeds:

The Affenpinscher: The Little Monkey Dog

The Affenpinscher is a small and sturdy dog breed originating from Germany. Their name literally means “Monkey Terrier” in German, which is fitting considering their playful personality and unique appearance. They were originally bred to be ratters in households, barns, and shops.

Affenpinschers are known for their wiry and shaggy fur coats that come in various shades of black, gray, silver, and tan. They have a distinctive monkey-like expression due to their bushy eyebrows and beard, along with their black eyes that are set deep within their skull.

They are a small breed, standing at only 9-11 inches tall and weighing between 7-10 pounds. Despite their small size, Affenpinschers are fearless dogs with big personalities.

They are energetic and lively pets who enjoy playing with toys as well as snuggling up with their owners. While they can be stubborn at times, they are also intelligent dogs who respond well to positive reinforcement during training.

Fun Facts About The Affenpinscher

– The Affenpinscher’s playful personality has earned them the nickname “little devil with a mustache.” – These dogs were once used to catch rodents on ships during the 17th century. – Famous owners of Affenpinschers include Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fala, who was known for being by his side during his presidency.

– Despite being small in size, the Affenpinscher is an active breed that requires daily exercise to stay healthy. – Due to their unique appearance, the Affenpinscher has been featured in various forms of media such as movies (including the Beverly Hills Chihuahua franchise) and advertisements for products such as Febreze air fresheners.

Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds Final Thoughts

Small dog breeds have become increasingly popular over the years due to their adorable size and affectionate personalities. The 11 breeds discussed in this article are just a handful of the many options available for those looking for a furry companion.

top 10 smallest dog breeds

From the regal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to the spunky Chihuahua, each breed brings its own unique qualities to the table. It’s important to note that despite being small in stature, these tiny dogs require just as much love, attention, and care as their larger counterparts.

Owning a small dog is a big responsibility, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. With the right amount of training, socialization, and affection, these breeds can make amazing pets for individuals or families looking for a loyal companion.

So if you’re considering bringing home a small dog – whether it’s one of the breeds discussed in this article or another – be prepared to give them all the love and attention they deserve. With their unwavering loyalty and adorable personalities, they are sure to bring joy to your life for years to come.

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