Crazy Dog Fact: Frenchies Need Help In the Bedroom


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We think Frenchies are cute and adorable, The other day, we learned a really unusual dog fact about them.


I would have never believed this to be true, but we were watching Animal Planet  and they stated that Frenchies cannot reproduce on their own! We were shocked!

Don’t believe us – check out this Animal Planet video (it’s also a cute, informative video).

Animal Planet mentions that to reproduce Frenchies, they need to be artificially inseminated! Frenchies can’t naturally reproduce!

Apparently, this is due to the fact that they are so top-heavy and have narrow hips and weak legs that the male cannot successfully mount the female.

The female also has problems delivering, about 80% of liters are delivered via a c-section. That’s your Dogsized fact for the day.

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