How to Choose the Right Size Dog Diaper or Dog Belly Band?


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Are you looking for a way to stop your dog from leaving little presents all around your house? Is the housetraining going a little slower than you would like? Well then, why don’t you get your pooch a diaper then?!

And no, I am not joking. Dog diapers are a thing! In fact, unknown to most, they have become an essential accessory for many pet parents out there. They help manage dog marking, restrict dogs from going into heat, and even help facilitate potty training.

On the other hand, they are so helpful that there is a whole market for these diapers. This makes picking the right one for your pet a little bit trickier than you would like.

But, fret not, because we’re here to help.


Best Dog Diapers and Belly Bands

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Choosing the Right Type & Fit

When choosing the correct diaper for male or female dogs, one of the most important things you need to consider is sizing. It is essential that the diaper offers perfect comfort for your pet and that it does not fit too loosely or too tightly, either.

In this respect, dog diapers will usually come in extra small to extra large sizes, but that can sometimes vary from brand to brand. You will also need to figure out what their weight and waist sizes are for the perfect fit.

Something else to consider is that dog diapers tend to vary between genders because they have different diaper needs. Most female diapers will suit male dogs fine, but it is not the same in reverse.

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This is because female dog diapers are similar to underwear, much like baby’s diapers. On the other hand, male diapers – also called dog belly bands – are shaped in a long rectangular fashion, wrapped around their midsection and fastened in the back. So, they are reusable wraps, not full diapers, which provides them with more freedom.

Measure Your Dog’s Waist Size

As we stated before, picking out the right dog diaper size is essential. This is usually based on your pooch’s waist size. This means you need to take a tape measure and wrap it around their waist, right in front of their hind legs.

We suggest doing this while they are still standing, and if you find that there was it is either at the end or in between ranges, you should go for a diaper that is a size up. After all, if you’ve ever fitted on some new jeans, you will know that it is always better to have them slightly loose than too tight.

Luckily, most dog belly bands tend to come with velcro straps, so you should be able to adjust hat extra room for a perfect fit, anyway. Also, keep in mind that the belly band must provide enough coverage without sacrificing comfort when it comes to the distance between their front and hind legs.

Dog Belly Band

Think About Your Dog’s Breed

Once you have your pooch’s waist measurement, you should have a good idea of what size of diaper or belly band they require.

Another primary consideration to think about is your dog’s breed.

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This is because when buying dog diapers, you have the option of choosing one with or without a tail hole. And if you have a tailless pooch like a bulldog or a corgi, you must pick a diaper without a tail.

This is because If you don’t, your pet’s pee could end up leaking through the hole. But, if your pet does have a tail, then for a hygienic and comfortable fit, you will definitely need a diaper with a tail hole.

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