How to Help your Dog with Mosquitoes

“Dear Dogsized, My father’s border collie is constantly harassed by mosquitoes. Are there any dog-safe products for Charlie? – Kiku”

dog-mosquitoMosquitoes are definitely a problem for dogs! Not only do mosquitoes harass and bite dogs (as they do humans), mosquito bites can result in everything from an annoying itch to more serious parasitic diseases. Mosquito bites are also a primary cause of heartworm in dogs. If your dog has more hair (e.g. a chow) then they have more natural protection than say a bit bull or “bully” breeds. Regardless, those areas that show more skin e.g. nose, ears, eyelids, abdomen, groin and inside the legs are more prone to getting mosquito bites (and can also get sunburn).

There are plenty of things you can try to change in your environment to reduce the amount of mosquitoes, for example, avoiding stagnant water, using products containing oil of sandalwood or citronella and staying inside, especially in the early morning and early evening, when mosquitoes are most active.

Mosquito Repellent for Dogs

flys offTo protect your dog, do NOT use human mosquito repellents containing DEET on dogs. Instead, look for repellents formulated especially for pets that contain either permethrins or pyrethrins. Here are some dog mosquito repellent products for your dog to try:
Flys Off Spray
Flys-Off Fly Repellent Ointment
Pet Naturals of Vermont Protect Flea & Tick Repellent Spray
All Terrain Natural Pet Herbal Armor Insect Repellent Spray
Even if you use a mosquito repellent, make sure your dog is taking a heartworm preventative, such as Heartgard Plus, and also a topical treatment and prevention of ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, biting flies, and lice, such as K9 Advantix II.(see also our article on Advantix vs Frontline).

Mosquito Bite Treatment

Luckily there are some solutions to help your dog if he does get bitten. Treat bites with an antibacterial cream (e.g. Neosporin) to keep them from becoming infected. To help with the itchiness, you might also want to try Sulfodene or a Pet Hydrocortizone (Zymox).
Please see your veterinarian if the bites appear very large (i.e. possibly something in it) or if they do not heal or appear to be getting worse.

Cooling Dog Bed – Rescinding Review

June 2014, we gave the Cooling Dog Bed a positive review. Unfortunately, we must retract/rescind the below review. June 2015, we took out our Cool Pet Pad and it looked like this: Cool Pet Pad Rescind

As you can see, the cooling gel in the product dried up or evaporated. We had stored this in our apartment in the closet, as such, it was stored at normal temperatures and conditions. We had only used it a few times.

We spoke with the company, The Green Pet Shop, and they said that this happened to some of the earlier models of this product and they offered to exchange ours for a new one. Here’s what they said:

“We have and always will replace any defective items that have been purchased either through our site or through any third party vendors. The issue had to do with evaporation and the environment the pads were kept in. The outer cover was a bit too porous and since the gel is water based, water evaporated over time and the pad dried up. We have sold over 100,000 pads over the past two years and this has happened to a few hundred, so it’s less than 1%, but that’s still too many for us. As I stated in the last email, we have straightened out this issue and there should not be any more evaporation that occurs in this years production run.

The pads carry a limited one year guarantee. We cannot be responsible for neglect such as rips and tears as a result of a pets claws, nails, and teeth. We cannot be responsible for mold if the pad is kept in dirty, muddy, or wet conditions without cleaning.

Other than that, we have at times forgone the guarantee and replaced pads for our customers in an effort to keep them all satisfied.”

At Dogsized, we recommend products based on our own opinions – we do not get paid for our reviews. We only write about products we like. Unfortunately in this scenario, the product we liked didn’t perform for us over time and we feel it’s our fiduciary duty to tell our readers this happened.

We decided not to get the replacement product.

If you purchased the product and need a replacement, please let us know and we’ll send you The Green Pet Shop’s contact information.

cooling dog bed

The Cool Pet Pad – finally a cooling dog bed

Is your dog looking for a good place to cool down? We found a great solution! It’s this fantastic Cool Pet Pad that is a self-cooling cushion. When your dog lays down on this cooling dog bed, it activates the cooling gel in the pad. In fact, it’s even great for humans if you sit on it or lay back on it. We sat on the Cool Pet Pad after running and also after hours of standing and found it to be very soothing and cooling!

The Cool Pet Pad will remain cooler than the surrounding temperature for about 2-3 hours of constant use. How it does this remains a mystery to us. We reviewed the patent documents, but we’re not materials engineers, so it was a bit “greek” to us. Regardless, we have tested it and we think it’s amazing!

Here are some other cool (yes, pun intended) facts:

  • Requires NO refrigeration, water or electricity
  • Recharges automatically
  • Portable and easily folds
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Durable and easy to clean (wipe off with damp cloth)
Reggie Cool Pet Pad

Reggie on his Cool Pet Pad

It comes in 4 sizes:
Small: < 25 lbs Pad Dimensions: 11.8″ x 15.7″
Medium: 25 -69 lbs Pad Dimensions: 15.7″ x 19.7″
Large: 70-99lbs Pad Dimensions: 35″ x 23.6″
X-Large: 100lbs+ Pad Dimensions:: 45″ x 27.5″

The patented Cool Pet Pad was created by The Green Pet Shop. It’s their mission to create products that care for our pets without compromising the environment.

In 2010, Larry Wright founded The Green Pet Shop and his son, Brian, came on board in 2012. Their 5 year old St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees mixed dog, Reggie, uses his Cool Pet Pad every day. It’s literally his favorite place to lie in the house wherever it’s placed.

Dog Sunglasses – Eye Protection with Style

Protect your dogs eyes from the sun

Kobi in his Doggles at the pool

While dog sunglasses might sound a bit over the top, they actually protect your dog’s eyes from UV rays, wind, debris, and the elements. Whether your dog accompanies you on a motorcycle ride, hangs their head out of the car, loves to sunbathe, or is sensitive to light, dog sunglasses can help keep their eyes safe.

I got Kobi, our dog, some dog sunglasses from Doggles a while back. We were vacationing in St. George, Utah near the Red Cliffs and the sun was strong out there, especially at the pool. You wouldn’t believe how many people came over and just coo-ed about how cute Kobi looked in his Doggles.

DogglesWe”ll use his Doggles when we’re somewhere like the pool or beach and it’s really bright out. We’ve seen other dogs out wearing them when riding in a motorcycle side car, jeep, convertibles or just sticking their head out the car window.

Doggles come in different colors and sizes to fit your dogs body and style. Doggles offer 100% UV protection, shatter-proof lenses, and anti-fog treatment on the inside of the lenses. Doggles ILS (Interchangeable Lens System) styles have interchangeable and replaceable lenses.

Check out these dog sunglasses by Doggles, all linked for easy shopping:

doggles black doggles Doggles K9 Optix Sunglasses for Dogs Doggles Eyewear for Dogs