Top 3 Dog Articles That Really Made Us Smile


Thanks BarkPost!

We read a lot of dog articles and these really made us smile! We had to share them!

The Science Behind Why Your Dog Won’t Quit Following You Around

At first we thought this would be serious science – but in BarkPost fashion it was a lot of humor with a bit of science – which is just fine for us. Most important, this post made us seriously laugh out loud!

Elite Daily Dog

Thanks Elite Daily!


16 Ways Dogs Add So Much More To Your Life Than Just Being A Pet

Elite Daily has a lot of interesting articles, but typically about different subjects. We were delighted when we saw this dog article pop up.
This is an awesome list! #2 and #6 are our favorites.

Guard Dog Duty




24 Dogs Stealing The Spotlight In Their Human’s Pregnancy Announcement

We haven’t received a baby announcement with dogs before, but we love these!
This slide show is cuteness overload!


  1. That is a great list. The last article has some cute pictures. Thanks for linking to the hop!

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