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DIY Dog Grooming by Jorge Benderskydog book is paws down a great dog book on dogs we’ve ever read. It would make a great gift for any dog owner! Just a reminder – Dogsized does NOT get paid for articles and recommendations – they’re our pure, unbiased opinions!

So why do we love it so much? It’s a great guide on dog grooming that includes excellent photos and illustrations. It was a quick read and we learned a lot of valuable information. The book goes through a variety of topics from tools to trimming and tough cleaning problems (e.g. gum, ticks and skunk encounters). While the title is “DIY”, this book will be very helpful for all dog owners from the dog parent that has their dog taken to the salon daily to the total Do-It-Yourself-er.

Jorge Book
Kobi, Lynn Heatherton (Dogsized Founder), & Jorge Bendersky

Regardless if you have a dog that has short hair, long hair, sheds or is hypoallergenic, every dog owner needs to groom their dog from standard routines such as shampooing and brushing to more complex issues (e.g. nail trimming and anal glands).

Jorge Bendersky Book
Jorge demonstrating the Tango

In DIY Dog Grooming, Jorge easily takes the reader through the processes of dog grooming and also helps you to identify what type of dog hair care your dog needs. For example, did you know that shaving some dogs that have a double-coat (e.g. Chows or Pomeranians) will cause their hair to grow back very patchy? We’ve known some dog owners that learned this the hard way via experience with bad groomers.

We recently met up with Jorge and he was very helpful in further explaining his “tango” method of grooming. Note that we needed a few more tips as tango is natural to Jorge, who is Argentinian. He explained that it’s important to stay in contact with the torso of your dog‘s body while grooming him. Think of using your hands around like a Thundershirt to give them more comfort and support.

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