Tips to Make Dog Cooling Mat Last Longer


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Did you recently purchase a dog cooling mat for your pet? Or, are you just simply looking for a way to keep your dogs cool? Well, with summer just around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before both you and your best friend will be feeling the heat.

The problem with that is dogs are not able to cool themselves down as efficiently as humans can. This is why they tend to pant a lot when it’s hot out or when they’ve been doing some intensive activities or after an energetic play session.

Unfortunately, panting is sometimes insufficient to keep their body temperature down, especially if the humidity is high. In such moments, the chances of them catching heatstroke, being dehydrated, or over-exhausted are high. But one efficient way to protect your pooch is to purchase a cooling mat for dogs.


Top 3 Cooling Mats for Dogs

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How do dog cooling beds work?

To understand how to keep these mats working for longer, you first have to differentiate between them and know how they work. Some are made of gel, others function using water, while others are elevated by design and use naturally breathable fabrics.

Gel cooling pads usually contain a pressure-sensitive substance that keeps your pet cool by absorbing their excess body heat. Once your pet is off the pad, it automatically “recharges” itself by dispersing the absorbed heat and cooling itself back down.

On the other hand, water cooling pads essentially use refillable cold water that does well to absorb and disperse your pooch’s body heat.

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Finally, the third alternative is to use an elevated dog cot. Elevated dog cots are more natural and affordable options. They are usually made with breathable fabrics like mesh. Because it is elevated, it lifts your pooch off the floor and provides better ventilation.

How to make cooling pads last longer?

We know that some of these dog cooling mats or beds are pretty expensive. So here are a few quick tips to make them last longer.

Clean the mat regularly.

Before throwing the dog cooling mat in the washing machine, be sure to double-check its cleaning instructions. Some of these cooling dog mats or beds aren’t machine washable. In which case, you can always hand-wash them yourself using a damp cloth and some mild detergent.

Avoid direct sunlight.

This is especially relevant if you choose to purchase a gel cooling pad. Placing the mat where it might be exposed to direct sunlight can compromise the mat’s cooling effectiveness, and it might not work properly.

Groom your dog.

You must keep your little furry friend’s nails trimmed to avoid accidental punctures and tears, which is common in water-filled mats. Brush and demat your dog’s hair regularly to prevent fur buildup and make cleaning easier for you.

Check underneath the mat.

You must place the dog cooling mat somewhere where there is no risk of rips or tears. Also, you should periodically check underneath the cooling pad for any excess moisture buildup. This excess moisture can lead to bacterial and mold growth, which can pose a serious health risk to your dog and start to compromise the cooling mat’s integrity.

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