Dog Popsicles – a great hot weather treat

Hunde-Eis am StielWith the weather so hot outside, we’re sure your dog would love a dog popsicle treat. Lucily, they’re easy to make:

Hunde-Eis am Stiel Rezept:

1. Besorgen Sie eine Packung natriumarme Hühner- oder Rinderbrühe

2. In Popsicle-Formen, Plastikbecher oder Eiswürfelbehälter füllen

3. In den Gefrierschrank legen

4. While it’s freezing and not yet completely solid, add a chew stick / bully stick. This will be the popsicle stick for your Hund zum Kauen on. If you’re having a hard time getting the stick straight, try covering the tray tightly with saran wrap and then poking the stick through the saran wrap.
5. Einfrieren bis zur Festigkeit

6. Einfach herausnehmen und Ihrem Hund geben. Wir empfehlen, sie draußen zu fressen oder an einem Ort, an dem es ein bisschen nass werden kann.

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4 thoughts on “Dog Popsicles – a great hot weather treat”

  1. Cutest photo! Popsicles are the best – We made frozen ice chicken treats on Monday- Kilo loved them. We had to make the chicken stock ourselves as some commercial ones may have onion powder and we want to avoid any traces of onion for a while (Kilo the greedy Pug stole a quiche with onion last week).


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