5 Reasons to Get a Snuffle Mat for Dogs


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Are you thinking about getting a snuffle mat for dogs but aren’t completely sure it’s the right fit for you? Well, we’re here to quell those concerns about snuffle mats for dogs by filling you in on some of the main reasons why you should pull the trigger and bring one of these little mats home with you.

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After all, they are not only the perfect toy that any pooch can enjoy, but they are also ideal for increasing interaction between you and your pet while also improving upon your dog’s training at home.

#1. How a Snuffle Mat For Dogs Provide Mental Stimulation

One of the main benefits a snuffle mat can offer your pet is increased mental stimulation.

Dogs are naturally curious and high-energy creatures who often can become bored and even depressed if that energy isn’t channeled into something productive and mentally stimulating.

This is because by using snuffle mats, you can now hide their treats in a different spot each time, forcing them to think on their paws and figure out where their food is every time.

This makes for a fantastic way to provide them with some indoor fun while also keeping them guessing and mentally active.


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#2. How Snuffle Mats Calms Overactive Dogs

If you have an overly active dog then it can be quite a challenge trying to keep up with them all the time.

You see, some pets are naturally excitable and it’s just part of their personality, so you constantly have to find ways to keep them busy.

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Luckily, a snuffle mat is a great way to not only keep them distracted but also help burn off some of that extra energy they’ve got pent up.

In fact, just a couple of minutes of sniffing and foraging is enough for even medium sized dogs to burn a ton of calories, which could be compared to taking them out for a walk!

This also makes it a convenient alternative if you are unable to take them out for a long walk for whatever reason. It also gives them a target to direct that extra energy towards instead of using it on you or your furniture!

Snuffle Mat for dogs

#3. Snuffle Mat For Dogs Encourages Proper Feeding Habits

If you happen to have a pooch that enjoys eating its food a little too fast for its own good, then you should know that is a cause for concern.

This could lead to accidental choking, uncontrollable vomiting, or even serious health problems like canine bloat.

A snuffle mat can help you prevent such issues that can affect any breed or dog size by slowing them down and forcing them to slowly look for each little bit of food through the mat’s fabrics.

This teaches them to be more patient and take their time digesting, which can prevent serious gastrointestinal issues.

#4. Snuffle Mat For Dogs Helps with Training

Since dogs are foragers by nature, they have a strong sense of smell, and the use of one of the mats is an excellent way to help foster that canine instinct within them.

This makes them take the time to “hunt” for their food, which helps them train their natural sensing skills, which can often be useful. For example, if you want your dog to be able to detect impending danger or threats.

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#5. How Snuffle Mats Reduce Stress

Much like humans, dogs are prone to emotional stress and anxiety. It could be they are nervous about new people around the house. Or, perhaps you’ve recently adopted them, and they are still getting familiar with their surroundings.

The snuffle mat allows them to take out some of that internal pressure and tension, by providing them with a distraction from whatever is making them feel agitated.


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