Dog Brand Spotlight: Teafco Pet Carrier


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We’re giving Teafco pet carrier a brand spotlight because we just think their products are well made, stylish, modern, colorful, and cool.


Don’t worry you mono-chromatic types – they’ve also got plenty of great black and grey styles.

Teafco is dedicated to manufacturing and pioneering high-quality pet accessories for your pampered pooch and has a variety of brand lines: Argo (bags/carriers), Fydo (Collars) and Otto (Beds).

Dog Bag - Teafco Argo pet carrier

With over 18 years of manufacturing experience, Teafco offers a unique selection of pet accessories for pet lovers looking for both style and utility in the same product.

Argo Teafco airline-approved-pet-carrier

With its stylish and ergonomic design, Teafco offers cutting-edge designs in pet accessories.

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